Listen While You Eat: Lunchtime Book Talks

By Ms. Clarisse Gomez, Grade 6 English teacher and GS Web Editor
Ms. Serrano giving her book talk as students listen while they eat lunch. Photo from Mrs. Clarisse Ednacot, GS English Department Chair and Web EIC.

One of the activities for the Literacy Month celebration in the Grade School is “Listen While You Eat” where teachers talk about their favorite books to students while they eat their lunch. A Grade 4 Math teacher, Ms. Thesa Serrano shares about her experience of giving a book talk and about her love for reading.

Q: What book did you talk about and why?

I chose to share this story book “Tight Times,” written by Jeanette Patindol. This story book is a recipient of several awards, such as the PBBY-Salanga Grand Prize Winner and PBBY-Alcala Grand Prize Winner. The story depicts what a family does when faced with tight times. They used to have a lot but now they have less. It is a heartwarming story of how less can be more.  I chose this book because it is in line with our efforts to teach financial literacy among our students since this book teaches the value of saving as well. I also took this as an opportunity to introduce the kids to story books that are locally published and to encourage them to read books written by Filipino authors.

Q: What did you do to prepare for your book talk?

I had to read the book again to prepare for the book talk. Then I picked out some lines of the characters and used it for a few posters. I also used a piggy bank to draw attention.

Q: How did you feel before, during and after your book talk?

It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I was nervous to deliver my first book talk but excited to share about the book and to convince the students to read it. I was happy to see the students looking very interested in reading the book after delivering my book talk. I would definitely be glad to try this again.

Q: What other books do you enjoy reading? Would you recommend these books?

I like reading adventure and fiction books like the pentalogy of Percy Jackson and The Olympians, written by Rick Riordan. Books like these give the readers a free ticket to the world of limitless possibilities. Kids will love it.

Q: Why do you think reading is an important life skill?

Reading is important since it’s one of the functional skills that one should have to be a productive member of the society. For kids, reading is essential to the development of their minds. It will be one of their tools for learning other skills and acquiring more knowledge. Reading will empower them to educate themselves in any area of interest. One can discover new things, explore new places, and communicate to establish relationships with people.

Q: What message about books or reading or about literacy would you like to tell your students?

Read and let it bring you to places you’ve never been. Read and let it give you the feelings you’ve never felt. Read and let it develop you into someone greater than you ever imagined you could be.

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