ERDA Alumni Pass the October 2013 CPA Board Examinations

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The ERDA Tech Community would like to congratulate two of our alumni who passed the recently concluded board examinations for Certified Public Accountants, Marizielle Nuyda and Reyneefe Revaula.

May you continue to inspire others especially the ERDAnians to be the best that they can be just like what you have showed us. Thank you for living up to the real mission and vision of our school. God Bless You.

photo from reyneefe's facebook.

photo from reyneefe’s facebook.

“Thank you very much to the ERDA community for molding us to what we are now — to my teachers, especially to Fr. Tritz, for giving us the inspiration to achieve our dreams. To my fellow Erdanians, always bear in mind that everything is possible, just give your best, and always keep the faith in God almighty. Thanks and God bless us all.”

photo from reyneefe's facebook.

photo from reyneefe’s facebook.

“Trust the Lord, our God, for He has a proper plan for everything. Hold on to your dreams. Believe in yourself. God will give it to you in His perfect time. God bless my fellow Erdanian! To my former Teachers & to Fr. Tritz: Thank you for the values you ingrained in us. Thank you for teaching us to be Dreamers.. And achieve the goal we set.. Thank you so much po! God bless!”

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