BEE A Spelling Champ: Spell Your Way to Victory

by Ms. Joanne Teng and Mr. Miguel Vergara, GS English teachers
Photos by Ms. Joanne Teng, GS English teacher

“Your word is Perseverance.”

“May I please have the definition?”

“The continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition”

“Perseverance. P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-N-C-E. Perseverance.”

This word greatly encapsulates the recent experience of three outstanding Xaverians. Last October 19, 2013, Steven Chua (6B), Franco Castillo (6D), and Simon Uygongco (6J) participated in the Manila Downtown YMCA’s annual BEE a Spelling Champ competition.

Three weeks prior to the event, these students trained laboriously after school to master various spelling strategies. Some of these include reviewing common spelling errors, syllabication, and sounds of letter combinations. Moreover, the students took on the extra challenge of learning difficult and unfamiliar words by getting root words, as well as studying foreign words and etymology. In the process, they were able to identify their own tips and tricks in getting the correct spelling of words.

On the day of the Spelling Bee, Steven, Franco, and Simon confidently stepped onto the stage in front of the crowd. As the elimination round progressed, everyone was spellbound with the contestants’ prowess in spelling. One by one, contestants descended from the stage, until only five remained for the final round. In the end, Steven Chua stood proudly as one of the finalists, bagging a third place win for Xavier School.

Despite challenges, difficulties, and opposition, all three contestants who represented Xavier School continued to let their light shine by further developing and sharing their skills.

“Luceat Lux. L-U-C-E-A-T-space-L-U-X. Luceat Lux.”


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