ERDA TECH Runs One-Week Relief Drive for Yolanda Victims

photo taken from ERDA Principal’s office

Reportedly, the strongest typhoon to ever hit the whole Earth lashed the Philippine islands particularly the Visayas region – Tacloban, Leyte killing almost hundreds to thousands of people, destroying a lot of properties, tearing roofs of community houses as strong and monstrous winds and heavy rain smashed almost everything. Nothing is left but hope to recover.

To date, 10,000 residents are feared to have died as the rescuers are still observing countless people who have been saved and are still being searched for, thus making this the country’s worst recorded natural calamity. The aftermath, however left a lot of people homeless, famished and suffering.

In line with all the various relief efforts initiated by the government, as well as the public and private organizations, ERDA TECH has also stepped up  and showed its support to those who are in need by providing the help it can give.

The ERDA TECH administration led by Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin, together with the Student Body Organization recently launched “Tayo Naman, an ERDA TECH Relief Effort for the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda” that will run from November 11 – 15, 2013.

ERDA Tech community has always been receiving donations, monetary and in kind from a lot of donors and benefactors, thus this is the perfect time for the school to give back or to be the one to give help to the ones who are in need.

The tag line “TAYO NAMAN” has a two-fold meaning:
1. Let us stand in solidarity with the typhoon victims and help.
2. It is now our turn to help.

The value that the school is trying to form among the students and community is that there are people more in need than they are in this time of crisis. Their current plight in life should not be a hindrance to be able to give or share something.

To those who want to donate — students, faculty and staff, families, and the whole community — see below for the details.


photo from ERDA Tech Principal's Office

photo from ERDA Tech Principal’s Office

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