XS San Juan GS SAP: Grade 4 KAB SULONG Day Camp Update


November 11, 2013

Dear Parents of Grade 4 KAB Scouts:


We would like to inform you that the Grade 4 “KAB SULONG” has been moved to this Saturday, November 16, 2013. Except for the date, all the other details still hold the same. Please refer to the circular sent to you last October 21, 2013.

We hope to see your sons participate in the KAB Sulong Day Camp since participation in this activity earns them a badge and they have really been looking forward to this scouting event. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Rey Francis B. Aude
Coordinator, GS Student Activities Program

Noted by:

Ms. Aimee A. Apolinario
Grade School Principal

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