Let’s Promote Literacy!

by Joaquin Ignacio Perez, 6J
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For the Literacy Month last October, representatives from each section of Grade 6 competed in an on-the-spot essay writing contest. They were tasked to write an essay with the theme: “Literacy in the 21st century.” As Xaverians receiving quality education, they were asked to suggest ways that Xaverians can promote literacy.
Here is the winning essay by Joaquin Ignacio Perez of 6J.

Let’s Promote Literacy!

Did you know that many people in the current day do not get that much education unlike us, Xaverians? Some of us might not know it but it is actually one of the most common problems now in the 21st century. As Xaverians, we are known for letting our light shine in desperate moments and we students are also known for being men for others. We should help and take a stand for this problem. People might think that we can’t help them but we actually can.

One way of promoting literacy is by sharing ideas with our personal learning websites which all of us Xaverians will have in the coming years. This can help because people around the world can see what we shared about literacy and they might show it to those without much education so they could get a look of literacy and of how well Xaverians know it.

Another way we can promote literacy is to teach others how to read and write. We should not always promote things inside school but we can show literacy and being a man for others outside school. Since we already have quality education, we should share that with others because we know so much.

One last way of promoting literacy is to give book talks, to share experiences to people outside school just like what we do in Service Interactions. I believe that this is important because these are personal things that we experience and some of those people don’t have technology like us. We should at least tell them personally what you did, what happened and what you felt so when that experience happens to them, they know what to do.

One last thing: we should never be self-centered. We need to think of other ways to help these people that I didn’t mention. With simple actions like these, we can help these people. With no complications, we can help them to read and write. We don’t need fancy technology or things, but we need a big heart. Help these people have a better future than what they’re experiencing now. Let’s promote literacy and take a stand. Let’s be men for others!

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