Hapag Bayanihan

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To the Xavier School Community,

Your generous donation has allowed us to send boxes of packed relief goods, bottled water, old clothes, crackers, sardines, beverages, rice and other miscellaneous items to the province of Samar and to the town of Pilar in Leyte. Cash donations have yet to be disbursed to areas in most need of help. Donations in cash and kind are still coming in and will be accepted till November 20, Wednesday.

In the meantime, as a response to the Archdiocese of Manila’s call that November 16 be a day of Lament and Hope: Solidarity in Prayer, Xavier School has decided to become a temporary commissary and provide food packs to the thousands of volunteers working in the different centers. This is quite timely since we have received a special request to aid in the care of relief effort volunteers as the sorting and packing of goods have been going on continuously for the past days. This initiative entitled, “Hapag Bayanihan” is our humble way of contributing to the relief efforts already set up and underway, and of showing our solidarity with the nation in this time of crisis.

Given this, we turn to you once again and rely on your generosity to be of help in any of the following ways:

1. Donate any of the following items by tomorrow, 16 November, morning (8AM earliest, 5PM latest):
a. loaves of bread
b. cold cuts (e.g. hotdog, ham)
c. canned goods (e.g. corned beef, luncheon meat, tuna)
d. mayonnaise
e. ketchup
f. spread (e.g. peanut butter, cheese whiz, jams)
g. eggs
h. sandwich bags
i. table napkins

2. Volunteer to help in the actual food preparation tomorrow, 16 November 2013.
a. Given the nature of the work, only XS Grade 5 students and older are encouraged to come.
b. Work will start at 9 AM and end at 7PM.
c. Venue will be at the HS Canteen.
d. Volunteers are requested to bring kitchen utensils (e.g. mixing bowls, spatula, plastic plates, chopping boards, can openers, etc.) and to take these home when they leave. (The school will not be liable for items that get lost.)

3. Volunteer to deliver the food packs to the centers.
a. When offering the use of your vehicle, please make sure the services of a driver is also provided.
b. We will send teacher and student representatives to accompany and help unload the packages.
c. Volunteers may also decide to do this as a family – in which case, we will just instruct you on where to go and give you the packages to deliver.

4. Sponsor a meal for 300 volunteers in cash or in kind.
a. Simbahan Lingkod ng Bayan in Ateneo de Manila University has specifically requested that we help sponsor the meals of their volunteers from Monday to Wednesday of next week.
b. Those interested may contact Mrs. Cindy Lau at 723-0481 to 95, local 210 for details.

We hope that your son takes advantage of this opportunity to be of service to the school and the bigger community.

Our faith demands us to give and give generously, to give until it hurts. We are counting on the Xavier Community to be witnesses of our faith during these trying times.

Thank you,

The Xavier School Administration

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