Smile! That’s How Life Goes.

by Nicko John Salonga, IV-Katarungan
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Typhoon Milenyo, Frankie, Ondoy and Yolanda— devastating typhoons that left a massive damage on properties and countless number of human casualties in graveyards; Earthquake in Bohol, landslide in Baguio and horrifying sinkholes in Visayas Region. These calamities are part of nature’s unexplainable behaviour, an intertwining fate between mankind’s survival and nature’s unending evolution.

But despite all the ravaging calamities, the hope is still manifesting in each other’s eyes. The hands that never get tired, the minds that never get lost, and the hearts that never give up, keep everyone holding on and facing the most terrifying calamities that separate our Filipino race from foreign ones. A behaviour that runs in every Filipino’s veins and can be observed in every Filipino’s faces. Can’t guess what it is? Well, it is the smiles in the face of danger,

We, Filipinos, are well-known globally because of our attitude towards work and working with others. We always have a positive outlook on things even though the situation is in its worst case possible. But some foreign men live with different perspectives about us.  Because we are optimistic, sometimes, they misinterpret this kind of attitude of ours. They say that we are treating everything as a joke or a game that everyone should be smiling and having a good time. OF COURSE NOT! We are also humans capable of being hurt and hurting others. We never intend to smile and laugh about everything including those darkest hours that we suffered. Actually, we almost lose our mind and become merely insane every time we see our loved ones lying on the cold hard ground, not breathing and knowing that we will not see them anymore.

And that’s the exact reason why we’re like this. The path of our lives will eventually hit a dead end if we let the past rule and take over our present life. This mystical smile of ours immediately tells someone that he or she should not worry because, this is life, a cycle that goes on and on and eventually, we will stand and conquer the challenges of life once again. Our smile is one of a kind. It brings back hope and gives courage to continue life despite all the natural calamities.

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