XS Nuvali: Rated PG (Parent Guide) – Introduction to Pinyin

By Gail Charmaine Ang, Chinese Teacher
Laoshi Alice Lin discusses some basics with the parents. Photo by Mr. Andy Golpe, IT Staff

Xavier School Nuvali conducted a seminar/workshop entitled “Introduction to Pinyin for Parents” at the XSN MPC last October 26. The event was aimed at orienting parents on the basic principles of reading and writing pinyin. As a bonus, attending parents were also given a short workshop on the basics of Chinese writing.

As one of the teachers in charge of the workshop, my greatest challenge was striking a balance between content and interest, theory and practice. I wanted to share what I know, but I didn’t want my audience to zone out after the first ten minutes. I wanted to explain the nitty-gritty of pinyin, but I also wanted our parents to experience first-hand what it meant to begin learning a new language. Most of all, I wanted their tentative interest in the Chinese language to blossom into a real appreciation for our beautiful language.

Needless to say, the enthusiastic response of the parents to our invitation, as well as their eager participation during the event, was incredibly heartwarming. They listened to the lecture, followed along with the teachers, and even did their best to complete the exercises we had prepared. They stumbled over syllables, laughed over mistakes, and celebrated the knowledge they had gained. They were, to put it simply, a joy to teach. Best of all, they gained a new appreciation not only of the Chinese language, but also of the effort invested by the students in studying Chinese.

This seminar-workshop has ended, but the learning goes on.

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