XS Nuvali: Students Elect Second Semester Officers

by Rianna Gatchalian, Gr. 8 - Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Officers take their oath. Photo by Mr. Gel Domingo, Student Supervisor

After careful consideration among the Grades 4, 7, and 8 students throughout the past semester, the students in their respective classes finally came to an agreement on their next set of class officers.

November 6 and 7, 2013 were the days awaited by the students, not only because of the new seating arrangements to commence the 3rd quarter and new semester, but also because it was time to vote again, posing opportunities for students to get a chance to experience this type of leadership as the positions for class officers became vacant once more. The reason for the second homeroom elections this school year is that it is the first year the school is holding this. Add to that the fact that the majority of students in those levels are new to the school and are therefore unfamiliar with their classmates. This second election allowed the students to identify and elect a different set of classmates whom they believed had great potential to be student-leaders. By the time the school establishes its own student council, there will have already been a pool of possible leaders that students can choose from for their officers.

The casting of ballots took place inside the classroom, also occurring pretty quickly and pleasurably, actually; the majority of the classes now having an idea of who’d be best suited for these roles. And thus a whole new set of officers for the second semester of school year 2013-2014 were elected:

Grade 4A – St. Aloysius Gonzaga

President: Alfonso Luis De Los Reyes
V. President: Juan Mateo Calabig
Secretary: Harry William Acosta
Treasurer: Jerand Rosch Maandig
P.R.O.: Marcus Hadrian Tan

Grade 4B – St. Mary Xi Yu

President: Kenneth Sarmiento
V. President: Jean Paula Flores
Secretary: Liam Zablan
Treasurer: Jen Erika Fajardo
P.R.O.: Caitlin Gayle Bernal

Grade 7A – St. Pedro Calungsod

President: Andrew Joshua Diu
V. President: Maria Georgina Lasala
Secretary: David Santiago
Treasurer: Jeremi Roque
P.R.O.: Lorraine Reyes

Grade 7B – St. Anna Wang

President: Trisha Louise Gonzales
V. President: Janiesel Khloe Turano
Secretary: Richard Andre Resubal
Treasurer: Gilliane Del Rosario
P.R.O.: Alia Chong

Grade 8A – Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

President: Rylan Lee
V. President: Rianna Gatchalian
Secretary: Patrick Inciong
Treasurer: John Benedict Carbonel
P.R.O.: Bernadette Lasaten

They gladly accepted their positions, sealing their spot as they signed their names on a simple certificate granted to them, stating that they agree to do their tasks and become examples to their fellow classmates. The officers in some sections were asked to give a speech, and for those who did, all pledged to do the best they can and serve the community to the best of their abilities.

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