Faith within Nothing

by Hermie Dawn Salmon and Raven Ferry
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Nothing within the midst of darkness

It’s empty, nothing but sadness

I hear the winds roar

As I see the great birds flee and roar

The eyes of the dead look

Look through mine… that shook

Shook my world with depression

Now all might as well be out of determination

The great storm showers us

It kills, destroys, tortures; it does

Trees, schools, houses, lives disappear

Everything is nothing, only danger and fear

Yet within the midst of darkness

Deep inside the sorry and sadness

I see a small ray of light

Something which proves that we can still fight

This light unites us as one

It gives us the strength to help anyone

Something that is common to all of us

Our faith is our strength which anything can surpass

All will be better

As long as we are together

We can stand side by side

With our faith as our guide

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