He Said… She Said… (All About the Typhoon Season)

Adrianne Rilloraza and Nicko John Salonga
photo from www. ffoasis.com

Every year, our country faces different calamities that affect many lives. One of the most devastating calamities is the typhoon. But, we have a government department/sector that deals with the arrival of typhoons. They give us sufficient information on how to stay safe and warm during typhoon seasons. But, there are some instances that the report that they relay to us is opposite of what is really happening or going to happen. In that case, the trust of the people towards them is gradually decreasing because, instead of leading them to safety, it brings them nearer to danger. As a result, the affected citizens take the initiative to practice safety without any consultation or influence by the said information. Fortunately, those personal decisions or actions benefit them by being safe in times of intense storms.

QUESTION: Do the people still need the assistance of scientific-based information despite countless uncertainties in reporting the current condition in times of raging storms?

SHE: For me, all of us should still rely or depend on scientific-based info. There is nothing wrong if we’ll count on it. As a matter of fact, it is accurate at times and professionals have studied it.

HE: Exactly! It’s been studied by professionals. Meaning, it is made and showed to the people with a high level of vocabulary making them confused and might not be able to understand what the news is really trying to say.

SHE: Well, that’s the use of news. They inform and disseminate what’s the update for the weather forecast. Besides, our local news are in a very comprehensible language, that is, Filipino! So it’s trouble-free for us to understand what it means. Isn’t it?

HE: Very well said, that can’t be denied. But, as the weather report goes on, there are certain terminologies that are quite difficult to understand by an average Filipino citizen. Right?

SHE: That’s the reason why weather forecasters from PAG-ASA explain such terminologies as they proceed with their update weather report. As a response to their duty, all of us must listen attentively to their definition of terms so that when they repeat these words over and over again, they wouldn’t sound alien to your ear.

HE: You’re right. I can’t say anything rather than you’re really correct. But this argument is just getting started. I just noticed that in some cases, the news is not able to consistently update the countrymen that results into delays on cancellations of classes or flights and other important things that are usually affected by the typhoons.

SHE: Sad to say, that’s one weakness of PAG-ASA. With that point of yours, I agree with you. But, compared with their performance before, I can say that they have improved a lot.

HE: There is truly undeniable. In fact, based on my observations, the people of our nation is now slowly following the exact said information from the PAG-ASA. Meaning, their trust is somehow increasing. Maybe the cause of these past discrepancies is due to the unpredictable behavior of nature, don’t you think?

SHE: You know what, you’re somehow right. The behavior of nature is very unpredictable these days. Probably, it’s one of the effects of climate change. We really have to be ready in times like this because typhoons are sometimes going beyond what we have prepared for.

HE: You hit it! That’s exactly what I’m waiting for. Due to the changes in nature’s sudden behavior, it tends to make our forecasters somehow wrong at certain times. That’s why there is no room for any uncertainties in reporting the most essential information the people should know. Right?

SHE: With no hesitation, I will be of the same mind with you this time. We all have to face the reality that we are now experiencing the effects of climate change that’s possibly also due to our fault as well. I highly regard the service that the weather forecasters are giving to us. Without them, we won’t be aware of the state of our weather. If there are some inaccuracies, we must bear with them because maybe they are also thinking of their families who may also be a part of those affected people by such typhoons that they are reporting nationwide. So, with that, as citizens, we may prepare ahead of time our own necessities and abide with the rules that they’ll strongly advise for our own good and safety in typhoon seasons or calamities. I’m very certain that with this kind of mutual support with one another, all of us will surpass every dilemma.

HE: Big words you have there my dear comrade. There are hardly enough words to describe how hard we’ve been trampled down upon but once in a while, we never had a mindset that will put us in the hopeless state of sorrows. We, Filipinos, are the true symbol of unity. Despite the countless times of conflicts, when tragedies start to break our strongholds, we sustain a deeply strong bond with each other giving us a chance to lend a hand to everyone. I salute our weather forecasters for their exemplary performance and sacrifices.

SHE: Now, that’s what makes Filipinos unique among the other races! We really keep the bayanihan spirit in us.

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