Is This a Sign?

by Izthifen Lord Gonzales, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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On November 8, 2013, a great calamity struck the Philippines. It wrecked havoc across the Visayas region leaving hundreds of thousands of families homeless and crops and properties destroyed. Laying waste to thousands of lives buried under its trail of death and the souls of people who once walked upon the gracious earth, now forgotten and left to rot in the Oblivion. The Children of God cry for mercy as the unholy onslaught continues its frightening events and unfolds an apocalyptic view of the land that is once known as the “Perlas Ng Silanganan.”

People pray to see a ray of light break through the darkened heavens just to gaze upon the hope they long awaited, but for some…they merely accepted their cruel faith and accepted their marked day with their loved ones held tight in their arms. We beg for safety, for strength, for just a glimpse of hope just to be reminded that the spark from the Beacon of Light will never go out…But I ask you, what if the Typhoon was a sign. That the continuous eradication of earthquakes, typhoons, blazing hellfire and the slaughter of our fellow brothers and sisters serves just as a reminder that we humans are still after all…mortal.

Maybe it was a sign from God that we have spent so much of our lives hating, envying and ultimately destroying of fellow brethrens. We are carelessly pushing the young and innocent to war just because we have diverse religions, points of view and misunderstandings. We are pushing ourselves to the brink of madness and death, unconsciously walking in the valley of death to the point of no return and yet we are not stopping; we never stop and think of the consequences awaiting us at the end of the road. The truth may be hard to swallow but we are helpless unless we change our course. That with the use of these calamities we are brought closer together. That with lowering our pride and negligence, we are able to see those who truly need our help and by helping them we are able to show a little spark in our hearts symbolizing that there is still good left in this world.

We are still capable of showing the good side of this world. That with the presence of the typhoons, earthquakes and other destruction brought upon us by nature, we are still capable of showing the greater good behind the shadow of hatred. With the past calamities like The Yangtze (Yellow and Huai) river flood, The Haiti Earthquake and now the Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan is bringing us closer together. Even the great leaders of our time who usually bring up war are now reflecting on their true humanity. We are now helping our nation which was recently laid waste from the Super typhoon along with the kind United Nations to rise again reclaim our former glory and see the light break through the windows. That the hope we are constantly craving is now achieved.

But what if this is only the beginning…

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