WIWAG Business Week: Lessons Learned

By Raven Ferry
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Good day to everyone, it is my pleasure to speak in front of you today. I am sure many are excited to go back to their classrooms and feel the warmth of their chairs and lessons. Then again, you might as well be down that this is our final day. This is the last session of ours in the WIWAG program. We all had our ups and downs, had our challenges throughout the game, but even so, it is one of our best experiences. On my part, it is definitely, where I learned how to be responsible and think differently as they kept repeating. This WIWAG activity is one to treasure. I am Raven Ferry, the CEO of T.I.M.E.S. Inc. and I will tell you what makes WIWAG the guide for the future.

I had been wondering for a long time what WIWAG was when I first heard about it. I did hear it so in ERDA during our break back in my first year. I was talking to my fourth year friend who would be attending the said activity. He was so happy and in the zone when he was telling about it. He was saying things like being a businessperson and experiencing how it goes. He was so proud of himself that he got picked to be part of it. I had long thought of having a business of my own and I thought this would be an opportunity to know the world of business more. Since then, I had a wish to be part of it, too. Weeks later, he even showed me a commercial he made for his group about advertising their bags. He made the commercial as if it was a trailer of a long-awaited super hero movie. I really wondered more what this WIWAG was all about as a whole.

Years later, just respectively more than a week ago, I heard my classmate say something about the school staff choosing the students that’ll attend the WIWAG. I got excited and hoped all I could to be one of the chosen students. Alas, I was. I almost jumped with joy when I received the letter. I was so merry that I almost didn’t hear the guidance councilor say that we’ll be excused from classes. I didn’t like not going to my classes. I could not see my chair empty for a week in my class. That was hard. My friends and I talked about it and we all felt down about that. We even counted the good stuff that we might miss as well. However, after a little bit of thinking, we agreed that this one is not something to be missed. We believed that this event would do great for us. I thought so, too. I don’t want to miss this. This might as well be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When the first day started, I woke up early and chose to walk my way to school. That’s what I do when I’m excited. The day started with a big book and papers. Presentations of business came by and words of true experts. I never really thought about this one. I never thought i could learn so much. I finally saw the different fields of making up a business. We were taught about accounting, handling financial circumstances, people management and a lot, lot more. Day one was our company’s best year. We had the highest net profit, which of course, got us some bragging rights but not that far of course.  We had our ups and downs in the event, and almost did not rest just to do as much as we could with the assignments given. It was tiring but was awesome as a blueberry cake with cherries and other sweet stuff on top. Finally, the day came which I awaited the most. It was the day of making an advertisement. We made the commercial, pictures and the presentation of our ads in the house of a friend of mine. I had so much fun about it and felt nice seeing our slow but cool progress. Then, the last day came and we made our final year decision. It was intense for it was our last chance. We got it; we got our company to rise again. Now, today is the last day of this program. Today is the last day where I will step in this AVR room attending the WIWAG activity.

Now, I realize even more, why this activity is above the rest. We do get to ready ourselves for the near future when it comes to business. Because of this activity, we can now think about circumstances that may come when it comes to financial needs. But the greatest lesson of this activity might as well just be, the values we gained. We will be better for sure after this. We will be more responsible, creative, thinking rational and far from simple minds. We are many steps ahead of other people. This activity is leading to a greater future in many areas of life. From here, we are true people caring about life, economy, society, fellow men and even our dignity. As I loved it when I reminded sir Emmy about the last M and last P, I will tell it so. Meditate, pray, the things you do must not hurt any. God bless to you all. Good day to all, once more.

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