WIWAG Business Week Runs Its Third Year in ERDA Tech

by Anthonette Santos, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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A five-day business training was held at ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School that happened last November 4, 2013 until November 11, 2013.

WIWAG® business week is one of the programs of Bato Balani Foundation Incorporated which has the mission to teach individuals (adults, from higher secondary schools and universities for applied Science) how to manage a business. ERDA Tech was chosen to be part of this program for its third run now.

There were 25 chosen students from 3rd year and 4th year to attend the training. “WIWAG® is a one-week computer-based economic simulation focusing on business content. In this management game, five students acted as part of a management in an industrial company. Given different situations, they were to decide what strategies they would use while considering the competition with the other companies. In this program, they were taught how to be confident. As they learn how the business world communicates they were able to present themselves as they did their tasks like product presentation, press review, press release and the like. In the end, the students had to report the results of their management as managers in the company which is called the shareholders’ meeting.

At the end of the program, Ms. Natalie Christine V. Jorge, Director for Programs and Research of Bato Balani Foundation Incorporated, together with Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin, ERDA Tech Principal and  Ms.Carmelita Chua, instructor facilitated the giving of certificates to the participants.

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