FASAAPS Comeback

By Mr. Reynaldo B. Sabio, Bowling Coordinator

On October 8, 2013 the Board of Representatives of the Faculty and Staff Athletic Association of Private Schools (FASAAPS-a sports league participated in by several private schools around Metro Manila), in an emergency meeting held at Claret School, voted unanimously for the return of Xavier School to the fold of the organization.

Having been absent from the association for the past five years, Xavier School’s return was eagerly awaited by the remaining members of the Association led by pioneers, Aquinas School, Claret School of QC and Don Bosco Makati. The other member schools are Lourdes School of Mandaluyong and Marist School.

Given the approval by the School President, Rev. Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, S.J., Mr. Patrick Posadas, the Athletics Coordinator gave instructions to Mr. Jasper Laguitao and Mr. Reynaldo Sabio to organize and ensure that teams from Men’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball and Ten Pin Bowling are available and ready to play. Given the schedule, Men’s Basketball started on September 20, 2013 in designated venues while Ten Pin Bowling was set to start on September 28, 20l3 at Starmall in Shaw Boulevard corner EDSA.

Mr. Jasper Laguitao, the Assistant to the Athletics Coordinator, was assigned as the school’s representative to the Board and point person for the Women’s Volleyball. He attended the first official Board of Representatives meeting at Aquinas School on November 5, 2013. Mr. Emmanuel Santos was assigned to coach the Men’s Basketball team and Mr. Reynaldo Sabio was the point person of the Bowling team.

The men’s Basketball team played its first game and lost against Lourdes School of Mandaluyong at the latter’s gym on October 4, 2013. They won their second scheduled game against College of St Benilde on October 11, 2013 at the Don Bosco Makati Gym. The team is scheduled to play against the team from Don Bosco Makati on November 15, 2013 at Lourdes School Mandaluyong Gym. The event is still on going and will probably be finished before Christmas break. Men and Women’s Volleyball are scheduled to be played sometime January next year.

While Men’s Basketball games were played Friday evenings, Ten Pin Bowling was played on several Saturday at 1:30p.m. Given the chance to play with the rest of the field, Mr. Sabio had to split the team into two to be able to play against the teams from Don Bosco Makati and Marist School simultaneously on October 12, 2013. Playing a three – games series, the split teams could only muster a total of 1,780 pinfalls against Don Bosco Makati and 1,988 against Marist compiling a six – game total of 3,768. On October 19, 2013 against the teams from Aquinas and Claret with the same split team playing, this time the results were different. The team headed by Rey Sabio beat Aquinas twice in their head to head match-up only to lose by fifteen pinfalls, 1,826 – 1,811, in aggregate score. On the other hand, Sam Balance’s three – game series leading score of 536 pinfalls propelled his team to a 2,128 – 1,953 winning margin against Claret. The same score gave Sam Balance the Highest Triple Game Series of the tournament.

November 10, 2013, a Sunday turned out to be fruitful as far as our lady bowlers are concerned. Having been relegated to 4th place in the team standings, Xavier’s lady bowlers Dorothy Martinito of Unit II and Margaux Ngo of Unit I played an inspired three – game series of Masters Event, Doubles and Mixed Doubles coming up with a combined winning total pinfalls of 804 to bag the Ladies’ Doubles Event. Members of the team and their respective scores during the final event of the tournament are :

Sam Balance = 124 160 181 = 465

Mel Bonoan = 147 158 156 = 461

Sherwin Pablico = 141 150 133 = 424

Margaux Ngo = 88 198 144 = 430

Dorothy Martinito = 128 150 96 = 374

The rest of the team members are Wendell De Ocampo, Ezramia Joseph, Alfredo Jacob, and Carmela Lopez.

In the Step – Ladder Finals, Marist School won over Claret School in a one–game match up to win the championship while Don Bosco Makati finished Third.

With the impending loss of two of our best male bowlers in the persons of Sam Balance and Mel Bonoan due to retirement, next year’s team will be hard–pressed to duplicate or surpass what our team has accomplished this year. The possibility of increasing the number of teams entered in the tournament will likewise add to the challenges. Changes in the tournament format will also be looked into by the participating teams themselves. Lastly, the possibility of changing the playing venue is also being considered.

Given all the circumstances, we look forward to a continuing participation of the team including the rest of the events calendared for next school year.


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