The FCAAF Volleyball Tournament Commences Once More as Xavier Fights for the Four-peat

By Anthony Chiang H3B
Photos by Ms. Aimee Apolinario, GS Principal

Last school year, Xavier School was able to rewrite its history in the field of Volleyball as our aspiring athletes fought hard and strong till the very last whistle. What other way to end a great year than with a three-peat in the Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF) tournament?

We all remember looking back at last year’s championship game, where there was tension in the air, as it was a two-sided back and forth game between Chiang Kai Shek College and Xavier School. Eventually, Xavier sealed the win after overcoming a 0-2 deficit, and won the championship for the third straight year.

photo_2Last November 16, 2013 marked the official beginning of the FCAAF Volleyball tournament. This year was unlike the previous years as it was the 25th anniversary of the league, which brought together young athletes from different Chinese schools around the Metro through their love for the sport.  Different teams from different schools each proudly wore their school colors and presented themselves as the representatives in the race for the championship. There was definitely tension in the air, but along with that came sportsmanship and camaraderie. These people are brought together by Volleyball, and although the tournament brings a competitive spirit, what prevails is the important thing, and that is to enjoy each opportunity.

As old rivals once again met each other, there was a sense of excitement within everyone’s hearts. The season we had all been waiting for was finally here. This year, however, there are more women’s division teams than the men’s divison. Despite the lessened number of teams in the men’s division that are participating in this year’s tournament, the level of competitiveness remains the same.

photo_1The awarding ceremony for last year’s tournament was also held on the same day, but it stood for more than just a reminder of what a great year 2012-2013 was. It posed a challenge for us, a challenge to do even better than last year, to remake and rewrite history once more.

If we were able to make history by scoring Xavier’s first three-peat in Volleyball, then it’ll be an even greater honor to get that four-peat. Led by new leaders and a new lineup, this year’s tournament will be one to watch out for.

Luceat Lux!


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