True Meanings: The Advent of the Spirit

by Jason Friedlander (H4C), Stallion Correspondent
Photos by Russell Ng (H4C), Stallion Photographer

It’s that time of the year again.

In the midst of setting up Christmas trees and planning out week-long vacations, most have forgotten the reason for all the avid anticipation. This past weekend, the community celebrated Advent Sunday: the first day of the liturgical year. And while it does serve as an appropriate reminder that the holiday season is approaching, the spirit behind it seems to have faded into the background. In midst of the recent calamities that have struck our nation, it is imperative that we see Advent as an opportunity to start anew—to have a new beginning.


From early grade school, the introduction to Advent has always been taught as the commemorating and participating in the anticipation for the coming of Christ. For each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas day, a candle is lit up and situated on four points on an Advent Wreath to symbolize the prophets, the manger, the shepherds, and the angels. Alternatively, they also represent hope, love, joy, and peace, respectively. On Christmas Eve, the white candle at its center, which is also called the Christ Candle, is to be lit up to represent the purity and sinlessness of Christ.

On December 3, the Xavier School community jointly celebrated the feast of Saint Francis Xavier with the lighting of the first candle on the Advent Wreath. As Father Aristotle Dy lit the first purple candle, there was a collective silence and show of solemnity by the students as they acknowledged the beginning of the Advent season. This evident show of reverence for the traditions of the Church points towards the firm moral upbringing that the school has been able to impart to its students. For the remaining days of Advent, it is important that this level of solemnity be maintained within the community.

Through the community’s continued, ardent participation in the season of Advent, not only can the spirit of this season be further instilled into the hearts of each Xaverian, but a stronger sense of collective solidarity can be established. Upholding these values is paramount to what Xavier School strives to represent itself as. By acknowledging the true meaning of Advent and its importance to the growth and stability of the community, each student must play his part in living out the ideals, not only of a true Catholic, but of a true Xaverian.

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