Immaculate Conception

By Pablo Mulawin Casanova, Gr8-I

While drawing the piece, I wanted to show how holy Mother Mary was. I did this by putting her in a setting of beauty, showing all the beautiful natural events of the world, like the sunset and the emerging night sky.

In this way I hoped to make the event special, unique and holy, showing how great the event was, to God, to Mary and to the world, that the world would show its excitement and wonder through these events. I also wanted to show how holy Mother Mary was, so I put her kneeling on water, to show that (somewhat) the world would allow her to do so because she is the Chosen Mother of Jesus.

That was my interpretation of the Immaculate Conception (originally I was planning it to be set in the sky).

Immaculate Conception 2013 by pablo casanova_web
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