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by Adrianne Rilloraza, ET Pen Pushers Editor in Chief
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In our modern generation today, technology is very rampantly used in our society. This is a way for communication and getting updates with your friends, relatives and people whom you consider as attached to you. What I’m specifically pointing out here is the social media. Through this, people can express and share their own thoughts, feelings and experiences in life. There are some negative sides of social media. Sometimes, you would even tend to be exposed to various kinds of feedback and reactions from others, but we should also look at the brighter side of it. Social media is very functional in terms of spreading news and updates of the current situation of our country making the people aware of what’s going on in our society today.

Since we are already updated about the current situation of our country, I’m certain that it’s not new for us to hear that the Philippines, particularly the Visayan region, is currently and still passing through a great hardship after the ravage of super typhoon Yolanda. Many people are more than willing to help and give whatever they can just to help our fellow countrymen to rise up and continue life once again. Several countries from all around the world are donating relief goods, their services and offering prayers to those who were devastated by the past typhoon. Here, we can see how great the love, compassion, and concern of the Filipinos to their countrymen in need and of the other countries.

As part of the help that ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School can also contribute, the school conducted a relief operation which aims to also help the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. To gain more the interest and desire of the whole school community to give and donate some of the basic needs, some information about typhoon Yolanda, the damage it had left to the people and selected news articles were posted at the entrance gate of the main building. This would also broaden the minds of the school community regarding what happened in Visayas weeks ago. Aside from this, a portion was allotted for Vox Populi or Voice of the People. In this area, students, teachers and staff may freely write their words of encouragement to the survivors, phrases which reflects the resiliency, unity, being pliant of the Filipinos in times like these. It is like a free wall but everything you will write are in hashtags.

This small project was eagerly participated in by the school community to show their support and help to those victims of the calamity. This is a great idea. Instead of using hashtags in social media for nonsensible matters in life, why not use it to encourage more people to help and raise the spirits of our countrymen. Given that this was participated in by the school community, mixed expressions, encouragements and faces of Filipinos’ wonderful traits popped up in the situation.

Connecting all the hashtags together, I may say that it produced a puzzle picture of who Filipinos are. #Peace, Love, Hope, that is what Filipinos need today. These three should go hand in hand to surpass this struggle we are currently facing. If this is what Filipinos need, one thing we must do is to #Keep calm and pray. What occurred a few weeks back is a demoralizing condition. In addition to this, #Faith is our weapon to survive. Having all of these, we may say to Yolanda, #Yolanda may be the strongest typhoon but Filipinos are the strongest people on earth! I do believe that Filipinos are strong. We can overcome this by helping and reaching out hand-in-hand. We must learn and be part of this to #Help each other. I remember a line in the song of Justin Beiber, #Never say never. We Filipinos should #Never shout never because we are Filipinos who knows how to #stay strong. This is just a challenge in life, but we should #Never Give Up. It’s just like a nightmare wherein come morning we will wake up and see that we should continue life because there are still people who are ready to assist and care for you. You know what makes a Filipino unique? Though storms like this come our way, with just a #smile on our faces, everything that’s negative will surely pass away. I’ll not fail to recall the “Pliant like a Bamboo” by I.V. Mallari. Filipinos are like bamboos who can manage the storms of our situations in life. I am pretty sure that sooner or later Filipinos will regain back their strength, everything will go back to what it’s used to be and will optimistically shout to the world, #It’s more fun in the Philippines.

A student wrote not a hashtag, but a letter from Yolanda. The letter goes like this:

Dear Philippines,

Maraming salamat sa inyong mainit na pagtanggap at pinaghandaan nyo pa ako. Dahil sa inyo, naging trending ako sa Twitter, FB, at instagram at naging usap-usapan sa balita… Ngayong nakaalis na ko, nagpapasalamat ako at napatunayan kong…

#It’s More fun in the Philippines

#smiles and prayers are the best cure…

#Go Lang ng Go!

#No One can stop us!                                     

Upon reading this letter made by a student, it seems to be humorous, but if you are going to unveil its true meaning behind, it only shows and says in a figurative language that #Filipinos are Great. This is from the point of view of a high school student. The school community’s attention was caught by this. Filipinos are great in a sense that they are still united as one. They just won’t stand there and do nothing for those countrymen inneed. It is sad to say that there are death tolls as a result of the catastrophe. Now, there is a new beginning for those who survived. I remember the rainbow shown in the news a few days ago. It is God’s covenant given to man that He will never destroy the earth with flood ever again.

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