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Xavier School Association of Retired Colleagues
Let your Light continue shining!

XSARC NEWSLETTER #1  –  July – September 2013


The desire to form an organization of retirees was expressed by then School President Fr. Johnny Go, S.J. way back in 2007. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, this was put aside. In July 2012, Fr. Johnny called up Ms. Estrella Nabua to ask her to organize a retirees’ association for the purpose of fraternity and togetherness among the retirees in good times and in bad, making the association their link with Xavier School. He told her to get other retirees to work with her and form a core group. Thus, in the latter part of July, Estrelle met with five retired employees who accepted her invitation and explained to them the purpose of the group and asked for their individual commitments.

In succeeding meetings held once or twice a month, the group brainstormed on the name of the association, its vision-mission and its motto. One of these meetings was held in Miriam College to interact with the officers of Miriam College’s MCARE, their well-established retirees’ association, with the help of former XS Nursery Head, Deng Del Mundo.

xsarc1The name Xavier School Association of Retired Colleagues, XSARC for short, was agreed upon with the motto Let your light continue shining. Rosel, the artist of the group, was tasked to create the association’s logo.


XSARC is an association of retired employees of Xavier School. It serves as a link with the school for a continuing personal and productive life of retirees and soon-to-retire employees.
VISION: A community of XS retirees who continue to pursue and celebrate a meaningful and rewarding life.
MISSION: XSARC endeavors to support its members in the areas of
* physical health * celebrations
* spirituality * solitude
* financial management * loss and bereavement
* cultural/socio-civic activities

President: Estrella P. Nabua
V-President/Treasurer: Norma G. Sandoval
Secretary: Elizabeth L. Agan
PRO: Eleanor Estor
Communications: Rosel R. Valenzuela and Luisa B. Relatado

On October 3, 2012, Fr. Johnny met the core group and was shown the powerpoint presentation containing the association’s name, its logo, motto, mission-vision and set of officers. Fr. Johnny approved them all and told the group to form guidelines for its membership and gave his own suggestions. Fr. Johnny then informed the group about XNuvali’s grant-in-aid program. In this regard, he commissioned the XSARC officers to help screen GIA applicants for XSN by doing the home visitations in Sta. Rosa and Calamba areas in coordination with XSN Principal, Arlene Choo. For this task, he appointed Jane Natividad, who was still connected with Xavier School, to head the team.

On Nov.18, 2012, after the 40th day mass for the late Fr. Ismael Zuloaga, S.J, Fr. Johnny announced the existence of XSARC to the parents and alumni and showed the XSARC powerpoint presentation.



To nourish the spirit and to rekindle friendships among the retirees, a Lenten Recollection was conducted by Fr. Johnny Go for XSARC on March 11, 2013. Held at the function room of the Fr. Cortina Sports Center, the occasion was a happy reunion of 54 retired and former XS employees. It was also a chance to bid goodbye to Fr. Johnny Go who was ending his term after 12 years as president of Xavier School. After the recollection and photo ops, Estrelle Nabua took the floor and presented to the group what XSARC is all about, showing the XSARC powerpoint presentation. XSARC as an association was well received by the attendees although there were questions on the membership requirements and their suggestions were well taken. They were asked to fill out the directory and sign up in the various committees where they could be of service.


On July 24, 2013, the core group had a courtesy meeting with the new school president, Fr. Aristotle C.Dy, S.J. to introduce XSARC to him and to present its history, mission-vision, membership and activities. Fr. Ari expressed his support for the association and asked to be given its plan of activities.

The officers also met with the school’s new treasurer, Mr. Edison Sian, on the issue of XSARC’s account. Mr. Sian asked about the group’s experiences on the XNuvali GIA home visitation and discussed how the process could be improved.

There was also a meeting with Ms. Jeraldine Ching, the head of IGNITE, on the pre-retirement seminars/ workshops being offered by Ignite. XSARC’s Education Committee will propose to her the first of a series of seminar-workshops designed to help prepare employees for retirement.

A meeting with Atty. Ramon Lapez and Mr. Diosdado Ng, officers of the Alumni Association of Xavier School (AAXS) was held earlier to introduce XSARC and its mission-vision to the alumni to get their support. They said they have a structure in place for medical assistance to alumni, but they can extend this to retirees who may need it. They suggested that the recommendation for such assistance come from XSARC.



On Sept 9, 2013, in a meeting with members who signed up for the various committees, the following working committees were officially formed:



* in-charge of recollections, retreats, pilgrimages
Chair – Cleo Perez Co –Chair – Norma Estor
Members: Lorna Telan, Nonie Petrache
Gisela Wee Su

* in-charge of visitations of the sick or the isolated
members, wake of deceased members, reach -out
to members hit by disasters
Chair: Maurie Cotas; Co-Chair Minnie Calma
Members: Norma Sandoval, Luisa Relatado

* in charge of organizing seminars / talks on
retirement issues in coordination with the school, sharings, talks on entrepreneurship, hobbies, financial management, livelihood, life stages
Chair: Mona Casanova; Co-Chair: Rachel Tayenco
Members: Estrelle Nabua, Rosel Valenzuela, Beth Agan, Mitch Gonzaga

* in charge of disseminating information to members through email, text and XS website, quarterly newsletter containing updates from the committees
Chair: Mitch Gonzaga; Co-Chair: Vanessa Natividad
Members: Rosel Valenzuela, Beth Agan, Luisa Relatado

* in charge of celebrations, field trips, sports events
Chair: Sammy Tocino; Co-Chair: Manuel Salumbides
Members : Estrelle Nabua, Louie Relatado



1. Visit to Xavier Nuvali and Kamay ni Hesus in October
2. Advent Recollection in November
3. Christmas party in December.

We’ll keep you posted. Be a member of XSARC Group in Facebook and open the XS website for updates.
Let your light continue shining!

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