Grade 5 Students Celebrate Poetry

photos taken by Ms. Joanne Teng, Gr. 5 English teacher

During the Literacy month, the Grade 5 students held a Poetry Fest where all the teachers, mentors and students read their original poems as well as their favorites, in the hopes of gaining a greater appreciation for poetry as a written and spoken art form. Aside from reciting poetry, the students participated in the Grade 5 Poetry Writing Competition. Here are the original poems of the students that won.

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FIRST PLACE: “Preparation for the Reader’s Theater”
by Matthew Dylan Teves Beng Hui (5I)

Last Friday was the day I know,
That I would be one of the stars of the show.
Just after P.E., I go to my hub,
It’s called 6E or “The Book Lover’s Club.”

We spend at least a day
To choose the different roles to play.
Then we spent two more days,
To practice in many different ways.

And once the play was here,
I was excited, I had no fear.
And once it ended, the crowd clapped and cheered,
I’m just glad that nobody jeered!

by Rizalino Antonio Dizon Labos (5G)

I went to the library to find a good book
Before my classmate gave me a dirty look
I carefully scoured the long, blue shelves
In hope of finding a book about elves

Then “Triiiiiing!” goes the old bell
Only 10 minutes left, let’s hope everything goes well
Then “finally!” “at last!” I found what I wanted
I felt so tired and so dizzy that I thought I was dead

With my last effort, I ran to the desk
The librarian just said “You did your best”
Then “Phweet!” goes the whistle, I was so happy
I just found a book I could read to my mommy.

THIRD PLACE: “My Unforgettable Day”
by Richwynn Cedric Uyco Ong (5E)

  One Friday, I was very excited during lunch,
I was going to give a book talk and deliver the punch.
I ate my food quickly,
I read in the library in a hurry.

Finally, I was about to practice,
However, there was a big bad crisis.
I forgot my book and props!
I thought to myself, “Is this where my excitement stops?”

I had to go “Zoon!” and look for it in a part,
I got my props and understood the book by heart.
I tried to talk in class with a nice big grin,
After that, the teacher said, “You were great, Wynn!”

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