Mr. Dale Aldrinn Pradel Tops September 2013 LET

Last September, 2013, Mr. Dale Aldrinn Pradel of the high school Math Department, garnered first place (Secondary Level) in the Licensure Examination for Teachers, with a ranking of 93%. According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board for Professional Teachers (BPT),19,384 elementary teachers out of 62,160 examinees (31.18%) and 25,755 secondary teachers out of 64,792 examinees (39.75 %) successfully passed the examinations.

Dale Aldrinn Pradel was born in Olongapo City on December 7, 1993 to Ms. Dyna Pradel and Mr. Alexander Ang. He spent his basic education there where he graduated with honors for both grade school and high school. He spent his college days at the University of Santo Tomas, where he graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and was awarded the Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence in the College of Education. To date, he has spent more than six years as church organist and musical director for various religious choral groups in different parishes and religious organizations in Olongapo and Manila. Interests include technology and graphic design, aside from the usual music, mathematics, and social networking addictions.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of any basic education institution within NCR aside from UST and the schools where I spent my practicum years. I only took my chance at sending an application when a batch mate and friend from college invited me to join their group of PE majors in a job hunt two months before we graduated. The rest was history, as I got hired in Xavier despite also being invited to apply for a position at UST High School.

One reason why I chose to teach in Xavier was that I was looking for a working environment that is different from UST, which has become my sort of comfort zone over the years of my stay there. And I definitely got what I was looking for. Being a newbie in Xavier is unlike being a newbie anywhere else. I was expecting to be the traditional concept of a teacher, but what I was expected to do was to be more than just a teacher. Somehow, despite the tasks related to this job may be difficult for those who were prepared for them, I managed to enjoy what I am doing in Xavier so far. I can still recall a statement I said during my interview with Mrs. Bermejo, “If you love what you are doing, then there is no reason for you to not do it well.”

In a nutshell: Few. While some of my batch mates decided to forego applying for a job after graduation in order to focus on their review for the Licensure Examination for Teachers, I opted to begin teaching immediately. I must admit, though, that I did enroll in a once a week review session program under a review center near UST. My focus for enrolling in that review school was more of a safety measure to make sure I don’t forget that I am still going to take part in the LET despite being already in the teaching world. True enough, the concepts recalled combined with actual classroom experience strengthen learning even without cramming into unimaginably many pages of textbooks or review books that train people only to pass exams.

I really don’t know how to react. It’s as if there is a feeling inside me that still says that it would have been better if that just didn’t happen. I wanted to pass the boards, and just that. Everything else that would come after that would just be bonuses to passing the board exam. I never expected for the bonus to be that big. Up to now I’d still like to think that I never received a place in the LET topnotchers, but that I am more focused on the fact that I am now a licensed teacher, which for me is a more important matter than anything else.

I don’t really plan too far into the future. I take in what happens daily as they are. However, if I were to be asked what I would do next, it would probably be to begin working on a Master’s Degree. Teachers nowadays have the mandate to seek continuous personal and professional development. Being the new teacher that I am, I understand that achievements of the present will soon fade away unless you work for achievements that you are still yet to attain.

We would also like to recognize and congratulate the other LET passers. Please click here for the official memo.

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One thought on “Mr. Dale Aldrinn Pradel Tops September 2013 LET

  1. Jeffrey Roy Lopez

    Congratulations to him – the NUMBER 1 LET Topnotcher (Secondary Education Level) ; I can feel, though how primitive is following your intuitions and feelings, that this Mentor will have methods to teach OUTSIDE the box; Continue inspiring the current and future teachers, and reinforce the STRENGTH OF OUR NATION!


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