Grade School celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

by Matthew Ngo, 6B, Hoofprint staffer
pictures taken by Ms. Joanne Teng, Gr. 5 English teacher

Advent is a time for preparation for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Now on its 2nd week, there is also one very special feast day—the day our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without sin, which we celebrated on Dec 8, 2013. As the birthday of Jesus draws near, and the feast of the Blessed Mother happened very recently, we make it a point to do good deeds for others. The Xavier School community has found a way to contribute to this mission by preparing a prayer service for these two significant occasions.

Last December 9, 2013, the Grade School planned a prayer service for these events. The Prayer Service was composed of different parts—the First Reading, the Responsorial Psalm, the lighting of the second candle, offering of flowers and letters to Mother Mary, Prayers of the Faithful, the Lord’s Prayer and the Concluding Rite. All of these are for the Blessed Virgin Mary and the coming of our Lord.

Are you familiar with the Advent Wreath? It symbolizes that there is hope for the coming of Jesus. That’s how it got its shape and material. Its being shaped like a circle means that the hope for Jesus will have no end as a circle has no end. The traditional material, which is made of Evergreen trees, will hinder the snow from breaking the tree. This is the same with the Advent Wreath which helps us withstand any temptation from losing hope for the coming of Jesus.

Although we sometimes think Christmas is about the gifts and toys, we must think of our fellow countrymen who are suffering in Visayas. We can share our Christmas spirit with them by donating our toys, books, etc. Donating is not the only way to help the victims. We can also pray in the chapel for around two to three minutes during our break times. As the Advent Wreath symbolizes not losing hope, the victims of the typhoon will still love God and believe that help is on the way for them. panel mary

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