Blessing of New Grade School Offices

by Ms. Kreeshia Share, Grade 6 English teacher
pictures taken by Ms. Clarisse Gomez, Gr. 6 English teacher

Xavier School has been blessed to be able to improve its facilities time and time again to enhance its services for its students. As an evidence of this, the Grade School department has renovated a number of its offices for the past two years.

Last December 10, 2013, these renovated offices were blessed by our school president, Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J. Administrators and chairpersons from different departments were also present to join the event.

Candles were then lit at the Grade School Principal’s Office as the rite of blessing of a new office was read, marking the start of the blessing of the Grade School unit’s newly renovated offices. Afterwards, Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J., along with the other attendees, proceeded to bless the following newly renovated offices: the Grade School Principal’s Office (GSPO) the MLAs’ office, the Chinese workroom, the Grade 3 Guidance Counselor’s Office, the Prefect of Discipline’s office, the Unit 2 workroom, the Grade 2 workroom, the EED ODS office, EED infirmary, and finally, the EED LRC.


The blessing of the new facilities culminated at the EED LRC, the last to be blessed. There, the EED teachers and staff waited for the arrival of Fr. Aristotle S.J. and the administrators with lit candles in their hands, setting a peaceful mood. Being grateful for the abundant blessings that Xavier School has received in the past years, the attendees sang “Aba Ginoong Maria” to entrust the newly blessed offices and facilities to Mary.

As Xavier School has received numerous blessings, we must never forget to continue to be grateful to the Lord for them and to pray that He may allow the school to use these new facilities to the fullest of their intended functions.

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