Grade 2 students celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier

by Ms. Caselyn Ponon, Gr. 2 teacher
Photos by Ms. Ria Orqueza, Gr2 Team Leader

Singing their hearts out as they lively performed “Gloria (in excelsis Deo)” was just one of the Grade 2 students’ ways to give honor to Saint Francis Xavier on his Feast Day. The Grade 2 boys had the special Liturgy together with their teachers at the MPC last December 2, 2013.

Selected Grade 2 students started off the celebration with a skit, exhibiting the extraordinary life of St. Francis Xavier, the school’s patron saint. Accompanied by narration, the students seriously acted out the most significant moments in his life, which everyone enjoyed watching.


Fr. Munch de Guzman, S.J., the children’s mass celebrant, elaborated on some of these moments as well as the places St. Francis Xavier set foot on. He also emphasized that even today and even in small ways, everyone can still be like St. Francis Xavier. One can, from the Saint’s own words, “win the world for God” by doing good things and by speaking to others about the Lord Jesus.

The students were behaved during the celebration and joyfully sang the songs of praise well. This is the second time the Grade 2 students attended a children’s mass. The first one they had was during the Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola with the Grade 3 students who also had their separate celebration this time.

The simple celebration imprints onto the young ones the importance of St. Francis Xavier to Xaverians and to the world. On his Feast Day, we all thank God for the gift of St. Francis Xavier. Like him, let us also make the light of Jesus shine in us!


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