XS Nuvali: A Camp to Remember

by Ms. Pauline Quinto, Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher
Students take a break in the tents set up by their parents for Camp Night. All photos by Mr. Gel Domingo, Student Supervisor

Many educators believe that children learn more when they are happy and engaged. The first ever Grade one camp night activity entitled “Camp X: Extend, Explore, Experience”, held on December 6, 2013 at Xavier School Nuvali (XSN), was made possible because of the said belief, efforts, and the camaraderie among the XSN community.

Excitement filled the air as the Grade One students arrived at school in the afternoon and gathered in the first floor lobby. First, there was a moment of silence with the CLE teachers as the grade 1 students and teachers all moved to the oratory for the Immaculate Conception prayer service. Next, everyone proceeded to the MPH for the camp night briefing. The emcee, Mr. Perez, welcomed the first graders and taught them the Luceat Lux Cheer. After that, Mrs. Choo gave her opening remarks. The first graders were reminded that the Camp X would be even more fun if they would all participate in all the activities, and listen to their teachers’ instructions. Then, the three grade 1 homeroom teachers, Ms. Pauline Quinto, Ms. Leonor Yap, and Mrs. Lorna Tayag, discussed the schedule of camp night activities, explained the rules of the camp night, and discussed the camp night journal.

The amazing animal show came next. The first graders were really awed by the different animals showed to them by Ms. Isa and Ms. Tammie of Wildlife Experience together with their assistants. The students were also very interested to hear trivia and answer questions about the owls, tortoises, hedgehogs, python, leaf insect, and more. The students also had a lot of questions, such as “Why and how do owls rotate their heads?”

The grade 1 students join in on the shadow puppet fun.

The grade 1 students join in on the shadow puppet fun.

Next up was, hands down, a very impressive and incredible shadow puppet storytelling session prepared by the school librarian Mr. Darrel Marco and Student Supervisor Mr. Vergel Domingo with special participation of Chinese teacher Ms. Gail Ang and office staff Ms. Angel Dura.

The story of “Si Ching na Takot sa Dilim” was brought to life in such a fun and creative manner that the amazed students even wanted to watch it again. The first graders also had a pleasant time making their own Ching puppet after the show.

The students were even more thrilled as we moved to the football field where even more activities awaited them. They learned teamwork from the hula hoop game taught by Kinder teacher Ms. Aileen Ty and Guidance Counselor Ms. Niña Ubalde. Group participation and the skill of following directions were also fostered in the Hokey Pokey song and dance taught by Math teacher Ms. Arzbette Manlangit and CLE teacher Mr. Matt Alcala. Moreover, the first graders enjoyed the delightful foods prepared by their supportive parents who were more than glad to support the activity by taking care of pitching tents, taking pictures, and watching their children having fun.

Mad Science in action.

Mad Science in action.

Last but not the least was the much-awaited Mad Science Show. The students were divided into two groups for the workshop, and then they were combined again for the main show. The highlights of the workshop were the Shadow Catcher demonstration, the Fire and Ice show which energized the students and introduced them to a Mad Science friend named Eggbert who taught them the properties of fire and the science of dry ice. Then, the thick mist rolled in, which sadly marked the end of the show.

Smiles that stretched from ear to ear greeted the mad scientists as the children profusely thanked the latter for the fantastic show. They even were exhilarated to take home their slime science experiment to show their family.

At the end of the Camp Night, the first graders were gathered in the first floor lobby, and they were asked about their favorite camp night activity. Most of them shared that they couldn’t choose because they liked all of the activities. After singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and saying goodbye, they proceeded to the gym and met with their parents. Some students still went back to the football field with their parents to have one last glimpse of the bonfire.

The camp night experience made learning more engaging and relevant for the first graders. Taking the children beyond the classroom has set their minds free to explore and discover new insights. Furthermore, we must always remember to embrace their natural curiosity and wonder.

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