by Ms. Patricia Batac, Grade 4 Kawan Leader
Photos provided by Mr. Rey Aude, GS SAP coordinator

The much-anticipated activity of the grade 4 boys, Kabsulong, was held in the Xavier grounds last November 16, 2013. Around 300 strong and active scouts participated in this yearly scouting event. The Kabsulong aimed to develop a kab scout’s leadership and citizenship skills, promote camaraderie and brotherhood among fellow kab scouts, and nurture their physical fitness and creativity.

The Kabsulong started with a short program and welcome remarks in the Lecture Hall. Jaden Lim of 4J led the scouts to humbling prayer, asking the Lord to guide the scouts so that instead of glorifying themselves, they might glorify God through their actions. Ms. Flora Alfonso, the Assistant Principal for Academics gave the welcome remarks to the scouts, and Mr. Rey Aude, the GS SAP Coordinator gave the final reminders to the boys before the games began.

Four bases with fun-filled challenges were prepared for the scouts. The Nature Activity Base included the Marble Relay, Knot-tying, and Flag-raising challenge. The Filipino Games Base comprised the Kadang-Kadang and Paggulong. The Food Preparation Base was ready for the Hotdog on Stick challenge. Lastly, the Art Activity Base was stationed for the personalized tumbler-designing task. All these challenges were organized to test the scouts’ physical endurance, strategic thinking, creativity, and to nurture their interpersonal and even simple life skills that they would need now and in the future.

After the exhilarating games, the scouts went back to the Lecture Hall for the presentation of yells and the awarding of winners. In the end, the scouts were reminded that despite the awards they received or the challenges that they faced in the games, the scouts’ greatest achievements for the day were the new friendships that they formed through their color alliance, and the experiences that allowed for greater teamwork. Finally, the scouts were asked to pat the person first on their right, and then on their left, and tell that scout, “You did a great job!” The Grade 4 boys went home jubilant with new patches and new experiences. More importantly, they picked up valuable lessons that equip them to be always prepared for the challenges in life. 

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