XS San Juan: Use of Gate 8

Security Office Lettehead


07 January 2014

Dear Parents,

The construction of a multi-level parking facility on Washington Street has necessitated the closure of GATE 9. Given this, we have renovated the GATE 8 area to accommodate the increased number of students and fetchers who may be using the gate.

Please be informed that starting Monday, January 13, 2014, GATE 8 will be fully operational as a drop off and pick up gate for our students. The fetching area at this gate has been expanded and equipped with chairs and a public comfort room (male and female) for the convenience of the fetchers.

It is in this light that we remind you that this gate is strictly for drop off and fetching purposes only. Parents and fetchers who need to transact business with the school (e.g. set teacher’s appointment, meet with teachers/coaches, claim lost and found items, make inquiries, etc.) will need to go through GATE 2 (main lobby of the Administration Building along Xavier Street). This policy is to be strictly enforced for the protection and safety of all our students, especially in light of recent security concerns.

We are relying on your full cooperation and strict compliance so that no unauthorized persons gain access to the school premises.

Thank you for your usual support.


Security Coordinator

Noted by:

School President

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