Grade School Students Learn About Leadership

by Steven Chua, 6B
pictures taken by Mr. Rey Aude, GS SAP coordinator

Last November 16, a bunch of potential officers and I attended the Leadership Training Seminar. I was really excited when I received the invitation because it was going to be my first overnight activity in Xavier and because I was going to learn what it really takes to become a leader.

I packed the necessary things, and at 4:00 pm, went to the MPC. After a while, we settled down and began our first session. Our first session was a game called, “The Amazing Race,” where we had to synergize with our group mates to reach the end first. It taught us about cooperation and teamwork. Then we had our second session where we talked with the officers of the higher batches about their experiences as a leader as well as our experiences in the activity earlier. After that, we had our third session which was a lecture about leadership. I feel this was the most important part of the seminar because we learned about the traits of a leader which include responsibility, resourcefulness, initiative, trustworthiness. We also learned that to become a leader, you don’t have to be great or do great things. You only need to do small things in a great way.

After the session, we washed up and fell asleep. On the morning of November 15, we got up and had our fourth session where we had a role play on the traits of a leader. Finally, on the fifth and final session, we were told of some of the issues of the Student Council and were tasked to find ways to address them.

Overall, the seminar was very meaningful to me. The teachers at the seminar were helpful and kept things fun and energetic. I finally learned what it takes to be a leader and what a true leader should do. I hope that in the future, I will have more opportunities to let my light shine!

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