Awardees for the 2014 Xavier-Kuangchi Award for Exemplary Alumni



24 January 2014

To the Xavier Community:

On behalf of the XS Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce the recipients for the 2014 Xavier-Kuangchi Award for Exemplary Alumni:


+ WILLY U. CO (Class of 1973) Through his company, Allied Botanical Corporation (ABC), Willy had been one of the prime movers in the country’s quest for food sufficiency. Through extensive research and development, Willy’s company provided the Filipino farmer with better quality and higher yielding seeds as well as improved farming technology. He served as president of the Philippine Seed Industry Association and was also part of the study group of businessmen and congress leaders whose findings led to the eventual promulgation in 2002 of the Philippine Plant Variety Protection law. For his numerous contributions to advancement of agriculture he was honored with the Gurdev Khush Award by the Department of Agriculture. His wide-ranging philanthropy included scholarships for agriculture degrees, donations for school buildings, adoption of the endangered Philippine eagle, and support for various causes of Tanggol Kalikasan. Willy passed away on August 31, 2013 after a brave battle with lung cancer.


+ LAWRENCE D. ONG (Class of 1974) Lawrence devoted his entire professional life in the service of the marginalized. He was a volunteer for the Sapak Experimental Farm, an NGO that provided training for out-of-school youth. He worked as counselor and teacher with refugees at the Vietnamese Refugee Center/Philippine First Asylum Camp in Palawan and at the Philippine Refugee Processing Center in Bataan. For Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran, an NGO dedicated to the integration of Chinese Filipinos into mainstream Philippine society, he took on multiple roles – building administrator, Bahay Tsinoy tour guide, contributor for the newsletter, and point man for the disbursement of funds for the group’s Alay Medisina and Alay Puso programs and poverty alleviation schemes for the urban and rural poor. He also worked for the Kanawan Negritos Reservation Area in Bataan, helping establish a primary school for the Aeta children and organizing various community-building activities. He passed away on July 13, 2001. In 2002, he was honored posthumously with the Xavier School Luceat Lux Award, the Outstanding Chinese-Filipinos in the Philippines Award, and the Dr. Jose Rizal Award of Excellence.



ROLAND STEPHEN T. CUA, MD (Class of 1978) In 1979, Dr. Roland Cua joined the Mary the Queen Parish catechism group and began a lifelong involvement with the formation of Neocatechumenate communities. Over the course of several years, he maintained and expanded this commitment, serving in Cavite (six communities), Paco (two communities), and MTQ (two communities). After graduating from UP-PGH, he banded with other physicians to organize and incorporate a community medicine foundation. Instead of taking the usual path of seeking a rewarding career through their medical practice, they chose to go to the barrios. Each of them handled two communities and served as barangay doctors, instructing people on preventive health care. Rolly later completed his training in industrial medicine and served recently as president of the Philippine Society of Insurance Medicine.



JAIME MIGUEL G. BELMONTE (Class of 1981) Miguel assumed the task of managing The Philippine Star to continue the commitment of his mother for a free and independent press. Equally important, he has preserved his mother’s philanthropic legacy as chair of Operation Damayan, the only newspaper social arm that is active throughout the year. Initially a channel for relief operations and medical assistance, Operation Damayan has widened its scope under his leadership by engaging in other advocacies, notably in education and environment protection. Among these are the Adopt-A-School program, which has been raising funds for new school buildings since 2003; Abaka-Damayan, offering free high school education, including materials and food and transportation allowance; the patient assistance program for sick children; the annual blood donation for the Philippine Red Cross; and, of course, the fundraising for calamity victims that has been conducted every year since the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.

The Xavier-Kuangchi Award seeks to honor the Xavier alumnus who strongly manifests the attributes that define the Xavier ideal of “men fully alive, endowed with a passion for justice and the skills for development.” He embodies to an outstanding degree the 6Cs that characterize the Xaverian: Competence, Culture, Compassion, Conscience, Character, and Community.

This year’s honorees will be formally awarded in conferment rites (by invitation only) on 14 March 2014, Friday, 5:00 p.m. at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Center.

We congratulate them for their inspiring lives, grounded on Xavier ideals and witnessed through service and leadership. By their examples, may they ignite in our students and alumni the passion to serve God, the community, and our country.

Luceat lux!



Mr. Johnip G. Cua


Noted by:


Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ


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