COUNTERFLOW: The Xavier School Variety Show 2014


24 January 2014

The Voice of the Youth Concert Committee (VoYC) and the High School Student Council proudly present COUNTERFLOW: The 2014 Xavier School Variety Show. The concert aims to encourage everyone to stand up for what is right and to counter the negative values of mainstream society.

It will be hosted by DJ Lambert of Jam 88.3, Myx VJ Karla and Myx VJ Ai. It features performances from Save me Hollywood, Franco, Ang Bandang Shirley, Luigi D’ Avola. and other amateur performers. Highlights of the show include a performance from our very own Singing Ensemble and the much anticipated Fashion Show.

COUNTERFLOW will be on FEBRUARY 1, SATURDAY from 4:00-11:00PM at the Grade School Quadrangle.

As with the school fair, we are strictly enforcing a DRESS CODE for all concert-goers. Please note the following:

– NO abusive or offensive language on shirts or accessories.

– For ladies:  NO unnecessarily revealing and see-through clothing. Clothing is deemed unnecessarily revealing if it does not cover the following: shoulders, chest, midriff, back, thigh.

– Failure to comply with the dress code will DENY you entry.

For tickets and inquiries, please call Mr. Ferdinand Aguila (7230481 loc. 305) or Mrs. Dece Guillermo (7230481 loc 264).

The show’s proceeds benefit various school projects and charities. Thus, we appeal to your generosity and request for your support in this endeavor. Luceat Lux!

Variety Show Tarp

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