Stallions Bag Silver in PRADA Volleyball

By Anthony Chiang, H3B
Stock photo. No photos available during the PRADA tournament.

In what was an eventful and exhausting 2013, some things definitely looked brighter for Xavier. In the 2012-2013 season, Xavier rallied all the way to the semi-finals, only to fall short to San Beda. The following 2013-2014 season, however, we took a step forward as we beat Don Bosco to secure our spot in the finals. This was not a walk in the park, as we had to deal with numerous injuries that had plagued several members of the team.

The championship game took place immediately after the semi-final round. Seeing as back-to-back games were played, the team was drained physically and mentally. The finals match that took place was between Xavier and Ateneo, both of whom came from the same bracket (first and second respectively), in a top two cross-bracket tournament format. It was a tiring yet fruitful experience because not only did it bring out the competitive drive within us, but it showed us what it meant to give it our all.

It was an intense and fast-paced game as the score tethered back and forth in favor of either team. But when the final whistle was blown, a hopeful game turned out to be a heartbreaking loss. Silence filled the court as the ball finally dropped, and the tournament was finally over.

Even if we were not able to bring home the gold when it mattered, it was a learning experience. As most of my teammates and I approach the end of our junior year, this loss will serve as a motivation for us to bounce back even higher next year. Third place last year, second this year, and hopefully champions next year. This experience motivated us now more than ever, and we are eager to prove ourselves a worthy championship team. Although the tournament is over, the season has yet to end. With each training, we prepare ourselves and build on our weaknesses. In that, we are still hopeful and determined to win PAYA and FCAAF. Luceat Lux!

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