Brew Me Up a Cup of Success

by Joshua Matthew Lim (H3F)
Photos by Mr. Kenneth Gan, IB Business & Management Teacher

Xavier School’s students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program are certainly blessed. More specifically, we are constantly given the opportunity to expand our range of knowledge and experiences that would ideally allow us to gain holistic development necessary for life after high school. To date, we have been graced with the expertise of various renowned individuals from all over the world. We have acquired a more open-minded perspective on the real world from these talks. From successful alumni of the IB program like Ms. Jeraldine So, to enthusiasts and experts on Chinese-Filipino culture like Mr. Richard Chu, Xavier School had a lot in store for us.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It is probably safe to say that each and every student has fallen victim to this mind-rattling question time and time again. As Xaverians, the overwhelming majority would simply respond with the reply that we are all so familiar with: “A businessman.”

In line with this, it was only fitting that on January 28, we were fortunate enough to have Xavier Alumnus Mr. David Ong of Batch 2004, come and speak in front of the High 3 IB Xaverians. Introduced by Mr. Simoneil Mendoza, an IB Business & Management teacher, Mr. Ong was welcomed by the students with a resounding applause. One could easily tell that everyone was absolutely thrilled to have a talk about business and entrepreneurship. It was time to take notes.


Mr. David Ong approached the podium with a confident yet humble demeanor. Once he began speaking, all eyes were on him. Students and teachers alike were intrigued by the logos that Mr. Ong had displayed on the projector—the logos of “The Curator” and “EDSA.”

Leaving the audience intrigued as to what exactly the logos on the screen were, Mr. Ong began his talk with a brief introduction on his life. He openly reminisced on a few of the many memories he had forged over his life in Xavier, mentioning his close relationship with the Xavier Ultimate Frisbee Team and a number of teachers. He then moved on to highlight his college life in the University of British Columbia, Canada, as well as his early work life.

At last, after keeping us in the dark for a couple of minutes, Mr. Ong fed our curiosity by discussing his current occupation as an owner of “The Curator,” a third-wave specialty coffee shop, and “EDSA,” a beverage design group. He first spoke about how he began his businesses and went over a few technicalities regarding operations. He then shared his love for different kinds of coffee, latte art, and the very industry in which he operates. Finally, he explained his utilization of social media in order to both promote his businesses and deal with customer relations. Mr. Ong generously shared his personal secrets to success with genuine passion.

As it approached 4:00pm, the IB students were itching to display their inquisitiveness and knowledge gained over the school year; it was time for questions.

One could easily tell that the students had indeed been paying attention—both in their Business & Management classes and during the talk. Questions regarding The Curator’s target market, the business’s working capital, and promotional techniques echoed through the room, among others.

Clearly, Mr. David Ong’s talk effectively enticed the students’ undoubted engrossment in business and the corporate world. Perhaps, one day, some of the students in the audience would be in Mr. Ong’s position, giving talks about their success in life after Xavier.


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