Change…. in Perspective.

by Adrianne Rilloraza, ET Pen Pushers Guild, EIC
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Nothing in this world remains stagnant. Always remember that all things around you may vanish and are of temporal life span. There will come a point in time that it will unavoidably change. Change is inevitable. No one even knows when changes will appear. It will all be sudden. Come to think of it, what if there is no change at all in our society, environment or even in ourselves? Would we still be who we are today if we did not change?

Change has two opposing sides when it comes to concept. When someone hears the word change, it seems so negative to the ear. Let’s admit the reality that there are people who don’t want change in their life. They are like motionless water that wishes to stay in the well. On the contrary, change is not merely a negative thing as a whole. Change is for the betterment of a particular entity in this world.

Everything in this world, whether you like it or not, undergoes change. If there is no change, a person could not attain the maturity in life. Prosperity of countries would not even be possible if change did not appear in the whole picture. Having change in life is really a tough one. I must say yes to that. It’s very difficult for you to adjust from what you are very used to. We don’t have a choice. We can’t assimilate right away the difference it brings. When there is change around you, you’ll feel small. But, you must bear with it. Try to adapt with the transformation work. Little by little, take things positively. Do not think that it’s for the worst. A person told me that change is the only constant in this world where we’re living. As I was listening, I realized that it is true. If you’ll try to recall things in your life or even your day-to day life, you will see that change is in the picture. You cannot exclude change in whatever you do. In addition to what he said, if you cannot bear change, the only thing you can do is to be prepared. That’s the only key! No one can really escape change in life. Decisions may serve as an instrument to change your life in a split second. So, be wise enough. It is a very crucial thing. One mistake might pull you down.

Looking at our society today, it has totally changed. You cannot determine anymore what it has come before. Way of education, economy, the people and everything suddenly and unsurprisingly transformed. If there are decisions that your community is accomplishing, go with it most especially if an authority has a firm stand on it. Abide and be united with it.

Wrapping things up, we have to learn how to accept and be prepared for changes. Not all changes are for the worst. It’s all made to make us better citizens and individuals. Cherish the things you have at present, you may not know when all of these will change your life in a blink of an eye. Change will be the turning point of your life to start as a new, well-developed, and improved man.

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