Grade 6 Father and Son Activity: Take 2!

Mr. Alfonso Medina Jr., father of Axel Medina, 6H
pictures taken by Ms. Joanne Teng and Mr. Rey Aude

pictures taken by Ms. Joanne Teng and Mr. Rey Aude

Early last year when my son Axel was in grade 5, we were both very excited to go to the Father & Son Camp in Antipolo.  My son was all hyped up because he was raring to experience what his older brother described as an extremely fun weekend.  Even if it was only an overnight camp (as compared to the 2 night camp for my older son), we both were looking forward to doing all the activities and sleeping in the tent, just the two of us.  This was after all, one of those rare chances I would have to bond with my son, just the two of us.

But God had other plans for us that weekend.  Because of a storm, the school officials decided to cut short our camp and send us home.  Almost everyone was disappointed especially the boys. Although some of us begged to stay, we were all asked to go home (to the relief of some dads).  Upon the class representatives’ appeals, the school organized a “make-up” half day Father and Son Camp in Xavier School this year.

During the orientation, Mr. Aude of the SAP office expressed appreciation because our group had the highest attendance, numbering more than 250 pairs of father and son!  I guess this was an indicator that a lot of fathers in our batch are really seeking for a venue and opportunity to spend some bonding time with their sons, other than just going to the mall.

Axel and I woke up early, raring to go to Xavier to enjoy the day.  We went through all the stations, even more than what was asked.  Running around Xavier, going through all the tasks was really fun.  There were games that we had to do as a father and son and other games that required us to team up with other fathers and sons.  The most memorable activity for my son though was the Mine Field game.  Here I had to guide my blindfolded son through a “mine field” of water-filled balloons.  I had to make sure that I called out accurate and specific instructions to Axel who in turn had to listen well and follow my instructions to the letter.  This was really a lesson for my son on believing and trusting in me and for me to try my best to lead him to take the right path and to never let him down.

There was this golf ball tossing game, which Axel and I breezed through in one attempt.  There were also relaxing mind games where Axel missed my shoe size by only five inches!

Finally, Axel and I are proud owners of “We Survived FS Camp” shirts.  It was truly a morning well spent with my son.  I’m proud and glad that Axel chose to spend the day with me in Father and Son Camp instead of going to a soccer tournament.  We would like to thank Ms. Apolinario and the SAP office for giving us a second chance at the FS Camp, and to all the faculty and staff who spent their Saturday with us to act as facilitators. Kudos to the team!          

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