Simple Yet Special: Eucharistic Mass for ERDA TECH

by Katrin Fernandez, ET Pen Pushers Guild, News Editor
photo taken from Jeff Tan, Erda Tech

Last January 29, 2014, a mass was held in ERDA Tech. It was a simple and ordinary mass but it was made special by four of the most significant and prominent individuals in the ERDA Tech community.

The school was fortunate to have the Provincial Director of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Antonio Moreno, SJ and Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ the school’s President, to celebrate the said mass. It was the first time for Fr. Moreno to visit ERDA Tech from the time when he was elected as the Provincial Director just recently. The ERDA Tech community was very much pleased to have both priests in the said service. Atty. Charlemagne Yu, ERDA Foundations’ Chairman of the Board of Trustees together with Mrs. Susan Sulit, Vice Chairman, were also there to celebrate the event with the whole community.

But if there is one person who completed the whole picture, that is no other than Fr. Pierre Tritz, the founder of ERDA Tech. He is the person who added necessary remarkability to the mass as a whole. Fr. Tritz will be celebrating his 100th year in his life this coming September.

In the homily of Fr. Moreno, he struck the hearts of the students, faculty and staff. His homily was a simple story about a stingy father who has a daughter. His daughter’s wish for her birthday was to ride in a plane. Though the father was stingy, he still tried his best to fulfill her daughter’s only wish. The father persuaded the pilot to let his daughter in a plane at a very low price. Their discussion went a little long. To cut the story, the daughter was able to ride without any fees but the pilot and the father had a condition. The condition was not to speak a word while they were inside. If he would, he had to pay the necessary fee. Fr. Moreno related this simple story with the relationship with God. He reminded everyone that God will supply all the things we need without any condition. This is due to His great love toward His children.

Having these four great people in one mass was a momentous celebration for ERDA Tech. It was a privileged event that these people gathered together to celebrate the holy mass as one community.


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