XS Participates in the FASAAPS 2013-14 League

Mr. Jasper Laguitao, Assistant for Athletics and Strength & Conditioning Director

If being a faculty who deals with different personalities of students, or being a staff who does the backend work of the school is still not enough of a challenge, there is an opportunity for faculty and staff to explore their physical prowess through sporting activities. What can be more fun than playing with faculty and staff of different schools for fun, friendship, and fitness? Enter—the FASAAPS.

The  Faculty and Staff Athletic Association of Private Schools (FASAAPS) was established in 1995. It’s aim was to provide an opportunity for faculty and staff of member schools to play with one another to have an outlet and diversion from the “daily grind” of schoolwork. It created networks between schools outside the academic context, allowing faculty and staff to enrich their personal lives. Current member schools are: Aquinas, Claret, College of Saint Benilde, Don Bosco Makati, Lourdes Mandaluyong, Marist, and Xavier School.

Xavier School started joining the FASAAPS during its inception in the mid-90‘s. However, the school took a four-year break from 2009. The decision to rejoin and participate in the games this SY 2013-2014 was definitely good news to everyone in the community.

For its comeback, Xavier School’s main goal was to ensure “maximum participation.” This goal was definitely achieved with the impressive attendance and participation of faculty and staff during the scheduled games. The sports participated in this year were basketball, bowling, and volleyball.

Forming the teams was both challenging and easy. It was challenging because there were no faculty and staff who trained and played regularly as a team, but it was also easy because there were those who would religiously show up at weekly pick-up games to prepare for the competitions. This showed that people were very excited for Xavier School to once again join the FASAAPS. Logically, the people who showed up for the pick-up games were the ones drafted to play in the league.

Winning was not the primary aim since the members of the teams were not yet very familiar with one another. However, the natural competitiveness of each individual surfaced and the players definitely stepped up when it was needed. This proved to other schools that Xavier School, in its own right, is indeed a formidable opponent.

One of the consequences of really stepping up during the games was having body aches the succeeding days, but it was all worth it. Although Xavier School did not place in any of the competitions, in the end, the goal to maximize the school’s participation was achieved. By the end of the competitions, there were stronger bonds, more meaningful friendships, and Xavier School’s membership in the FASAAPS was reestablished.


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