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Niccolo Yu ’16 with ERDA Tech students.

Xavier School received the following letter from Niccolo Yu, a member of the XS Class of 2016. While Niccolo has moved to Hong Kong due to his parents’ work assignment, his heart is still grounded in the Philippines. On a recent visit to ERDA Tech, he decided to dedicate his 10th Grade International Baccalaureate project to the school’s cause.

Niccolo is the son of Giovanni Yu ’89, and Alma Rivera-Yu (XS Faculty, 1994-2005).

Below is Niccolo’s letter. 

Dear Xavier School Family,
I extend a warm greeting to all of you. I am Niccolo Yu. I am currently a 10th grade student in Hong Kong Academy. During this period in our academic year, we are assigned to create a personal project. The personal project is a “student’s piece of work that is the product of the student’s own initiative and creativity” (International Baccalaureate). As I reflected on what my personal project would be, I wanted to incorporate both my interests and service learning together so I can enjoy the process and at the same time have the satisfaction of helping others in a significant manner.  Through your help and support, the success of my personal project can go a long way, particularly in lending a helping hand towards individuals who most need it.
While coming up with an idea or theme on what my personal project was going to revolve around, I thought that music was most suitable. Music has always been a passion of mine. I thought that creating a music album with my five original compositions seemed like a fulfilling concept.  However, considering the purpose and impact my project would have towards others, I thought that a music album in itself would be rather shallow and irrelevant. Adding a service learning aspect would give my product more meaning as this would benefit others who need help the most. As I traveled back to the Philippines to search for a charitable organization I could work with, I stumbled upon a perfect opportunity.
ERDA (Educational Research and Development Assistance) Tech is an institution that provides technical and vocational secondary education to students that are financially less privileged. The students are taught various technical skills that will allow them to be employable once they graduate. This allows them and their families to help fight the cycle of poverty. However, the students of ERDA Tech fully rely on scholarships. Students receive their education through ERDA Foundation’s efforts of bringing in sponsors to help raise funds for the school. Knowing this, I thought that fusing ERDA and my music album together as one project would result to an astounding idea.
Selling my music album was the idea I came up with. I decided that all the funds that I generate out of selling my music album will be for the benefit of the students of ERDA Tech. This would provide them a better opportunity to finish their schooling and possibly lead to a better future. I wish that you would support this personal project of mine by purchasing my music album and possibly promote this to other people as well. With your strong support, we can help these children end their hardships and achieve endless possibilities.
Thank you very much.
Yours Sincerely,
Niccolo Yu
Grade 10
Hong Kong Academy

Order Form in PDF  |  Album Cover

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