XS San Juan HSPO: G7-H4 February 17 & 18 Dismissal


13 February 2014

Dear Grade 7 to High 4 Parents and Students,

As previously announced, in line with our continuing efforts to improve Xavier education, the High School Unit of Xavier School will undergo a PAASCU RESURVEY VISIT on FEBRUARY 17-18, 2014.

To allow us to showcase the best of our programs and practices, we will be following the schedule below:

17 FEBRUARY, MONDAY                   DAY 1 of the 7-day cycle

Dismissal Time

Grade 7 Regular Dismissal 2:50 PM
Grade 8 With ECA   4:00 PMNo ECA      2:50 PM
Grade 9 With ECA   4:00 PMNo ECA      2:50 PM
High 2 PE Class     3 – 4 PMRegular Dismissal 4:00 PM
High 3 With ECA   4:00 PMNo ECA      2:50 PM
High 4 With ECA   4:00 PMNo ECA      2:50 PM
IB H3-H4 Regular Dismissal 4:00 PM

18 FEBRUARY, TUESDAY        DAY 2 of the 7-day cycle

Regular Dismissal Schedule for all year levels


May we request you to make sure you son comes to school especially early and prepared on the two days of accreditation?  Your son’s utmost active participation and cooperation will be crucial as we undergo this very important process.

Thank you,

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho

High School Principal

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