XS San Juan: New GS and HS Administrators for SY 2014-2015



21 February 2014

Dear Members of the Xavier Community,

As you know, the Principals and Assistant Principals in the San Juan campus are ending their terms as top-level or assistant top-level administrators this school year. Last December, we formally began the consultative process to select their successors by way of a Search Committee chaired by our Personnel Officer, Mr. Michael de los Reyes.

The Committee screened candidates from the list of qualified and nominated faculty members by reviewing their professional history and interviewing them. Their views on the present state of the school, especially in light of the K-12 transition, PAASCU re-accreditation, and the ongoing improvement of various programs, have provided valuable input to me.

I have done my own round of consultations, and am pleased to announce the following assignments that will be effective April 1, 2014:

Grade School
Principal Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho
Assistant Principal for Academics Mrs. Flora Anne R. Alfonso
Assistant Principal for Formation Ms. Joanne Clarissa C. Pusta
High School
Principal Ms. Aimee A. Apolinario
Assistant Principal for Junior High School Mr. Exxon Ryan U. Yu
Assistant Principal for Senior High School Mrs. Maria Theresa N. Ladrido
Assistant Principal for Formation Mr. Alvin L. Ang
Academic Supervisor   Mrs. Maria Theresa N. Ladrido

These positions are normally held for a term of three years. 

In the high school, the addition of a third Assistant Principal (AP) is in preparation for the school’s first batch of Senior High School (SHS) students in 2015-2016, following our curriculum upgrade to adapt to the K-12 system of education. The AP for SHS will shepherd the process leading to the offering of both a regular track and the International Baccalaureate track in SHS.  2014-2015 will be a year of transition during which the APs for JHS and SHS will share the responsibilities formerly belonging to the AP for Academics. Formation will continue to be managed by one AP for the entire high school. I will discuss the details of this new structure with the high school faculty in the next few months. Let me assure all in the high school that we will make every effort to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

I thank all the Principals and Assistant Principals for their availability for continued service to the school, and all the nominees for their openness to the search process. I especially thank Ms. Apolinario (3 years in the GS) and Mrs. Cacacho (9 years in the HS) for the leadership they have exercised in their respective units these past years. I am very grateful that they have agreed to trade places and accept the challenges brought by their new roles.

Please note also that we are gradually strengthening the role of Mrs. Ladrido, the Academic Supervisor, whose mandate is to ensure consistency and excellence in academic standards across all units (San Juan and Nuvali).

Mr. Exxon Yu, the new addition to the roster of top administrators, has served the school for twelve years in the high school Social Science Department, the last five years as Department Chairperson. He was recognized as the Pineau-Clifford Most Outstanding Rookie Teacher in 2003-2004, and will soon finish his MA in Basic Education. I wish him well in his new role.

Finally, I thank the Search Committee chaired by Mr. de los Reyes, for the extra time and effort given to the committee’s work in the midst of PAASCU preparations and many other concerns.

Let us extend our full support to the incoming leaders of the grade and high schools, remembering that change is never easy, but with openness and goodwill, change will help us deliver excellent education to our students.

Thank you very much, and Luceat Lux!


Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ

School President

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