Intramurals 2014: Show me what you got!

by Katrin Fernandez, News Editor, ET Pen Pushers
photo taken from jeff tan.

One of the most awaited events of the ERDA community happened last February 13 until 14, this year– Intramurals 2014. It was made possible by the Student Body Organization led by Mr. Edward Rico, Ms. Chyryz Valiente, SAP Coordinator and ERDA Tech Principal Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin.

Day 1: Let the games  begin!

The Intramurals officially opened with a short ceremony where the four competing teams were introduced. Team 1: Yellow Bumble Bee led by Ms. Hazelyn Verdejo, Mr. Reymart Pucolangas and Ms. Marissa Candaza;  Team 2: Green Bullets headed by Mr. Jairuz Menia, Mrs. Laarnie Santos and Ms. Jhanella Navarro; Team 3: Blazing Red Hawks coached by Ms. Marilyn Benedicto, Mr. Ronnel Gordolla and Ms. Faith Lustria and Team 4: Blumerang supervised by Mr Carlo Olaya, Mrs. Eden Baltazar and Ms.  Joanna Marie Galang.

Each team prepared a yell and a cheer as their teams were called during the parade followed by the pledge of sportsmanship. As the opening ceremony came to a close, all teams were guided to their respective areas to watch as each team performed their field demonstration. It took the judges a few moments to announce the winning team as an issue aroused in the said event due to a rule or provision that was not followed by all teams who competed. However it was resolved eventually, though points were deducted, the same winner was declared and it was the Blazing Red Hawks. The field demonstration ended the opening ceremony, thus pushing with the scheduled events that day.

The players prepared for the next event as the audience dispersed to watch the different events.

Ball Games:

  • Basketball Boys

Game 1:     Winner: Green Bullets

Game 2:     Winner: Blumerang

  • Volleyball Girls

Game 1:     Winner: Blazing Red Hawks,

  • Table Tennis

Board Games:

  • Scrabble                         Winner: Green Bullets
  • Word Factory                 Winner: Green Bullets
  • Game of the Generals
  • Chess                               Winner: Blazing Red Hawks,

Laro ng Lahi

  • Hilahang Lubid (Boys) Winner: Green Bullets
  • Hilahang Lubid (Girls)  Winner: Yellow Bumble Bee
  • Coconut shell race       Winner: Yellow Bumble Bee


  • Dart                                  Winner: Green Bullets
  • Obstacle race                  Winner: Green Bullets

ERDA Tech was filled with thrill and excitement.  Cheers were coming from different directions. Each team showed full support for their players.

Day 2: The Finale

The students showed their eagerness to know the winners.

Ball Games:

Basketball Boys Bluemerang vs Green Bullets

Finals:  Winner: Blumerang

Volleyball Girls

Game 2:    Winner: Blumerang

  • Finals:        Winner: Blazing Red Hawks
  • Table Tennis

Performing Events

  • Dance Sport                            Winner: Blazing Red Hawks
  • Folk Dance (Cariñosa)            Winner: Blumerang

Everybody was so tense that you can almost feel a different kind of competitive atmosphere as everyone waited for the announcement of winners.

As the teams were called they shouted their cheer.  The first award was for the best banner,  and it went to Blazing Red Hawks.  Overall third place was received by the Yellow Bumblebees, followed by second place, Blazing Red Hawks then first place, Green Bullets.

Finally the overall champion was declared, Bluemerang.  To show support and spirit of sportsmanship, other teams joined the winning team  as they shouted their cheer.

This event gave ERDA Tech community a break from stressful days. This enabled ERDAnians to show their hidden skills and talents and also to enhance what they already have.

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