Xavier’s tennis champion: Miko Eala

by Aldolph Monji Chen, 6E, Hoofprint Staffer
Miko Eala with the directors of the Little Mo Grand Slam

Miko Eala is a Filipino tennis athlete who started playing at the age of 4. He won the championship in New York and Colorado and won the Florida runner-up trophy last December 2013.

At present, he is a Grade 6 Xavier student who manages to balance studies and athletics. He does his best to make his grades as high as possible while training hard for his sport. This shows that Miko is a hardworking and well-rounded student.

Miko wants to fulfill his dream of being a professional tennis athlete. He showed his confidence and love for the sport by winning 76 trophies so far. Miko said that he achieved these because he trained hard for his competitions and he never gave up. This shows his dedication and perseverance for the sport he was destined to play.

Just recently, Miko participated in the 2013 Little Mo International Tennis Grand Slam Championship in Florida. He said he had prepared well for the competition and trained very hard for it. This was how he managed to earn the runner-up trophy last December in Little Mo Tennis.

“Keep training hard and don’t ever give up in order to achieve your dream,” said Miko. As young students, we have a lot of opportunities to find our hidden talents within. Let us not waste any time so that we can be more like Miko, not necessarily in tennis—but in whatever we are passionate about.

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