An Entry in the Prayer Journal: Father and Son Camp

by Mr. Samson Enriquez, father of Nicholas

Father and Son Camp
February 17, 2014

Dear Father God, thank You very much for the school’s recently concluded Father and Son camping activity.

Indeed it was a pleasant experience that most, if not all, fathers should not miss.  Nicholas was already excited two weeks prior and he even scheduled for us to test build the tent that we were going to use to make sure all parts were complete and in order and that we would know how to set it up too. He even timed it like a military drill sergeant that we were able to put up the tent in less than 15 minutes.

On the camping date, Nicholas was already up and about when I got out of our bedroom at 5:30AM.  He said in a fired-up voice “Let’s go Dad. I want to be early at school,” which is the very opposite of normal school days. He was also pleased to know that his mother would come with us to school to send us off.

We were at school at a little past 6 am and after a few photographs, his mother left for home.

Thank You Lord that You made the weather so nice that Valentine’s Day, as the sun was up but not too hot. 

After a brief orientation which seems to take forever for excited kids, and nice prayer led by Sir Rey, we left school and headed for the camping grounds. We arrived as planned, before the 10:30AM target.

Praise You Lord that eventually everybody arrived safe and sound at the BluRoze.

The journey to the camp site sets up for a good experience ahead, as while we were in the bus, the teacher made us answer some pages on what we were expected at the camp. This was good because initially my reaction was “WHAT? There’s going to be paper work on this trip!! ?  I thought this was supposed to be pure fun?” But in the end, it proved to be a worthwhile exercise.

We were able to set up our tent in the time allocated.

Thank You, Jesus, that the tent that You’ve blessed us with so many years ago was still useful. The space the tent provided was more than enough for Nicholas and me.

After our morning snack of pancit and fruit juice, the first activity was announced and we needed to have our group cheer and to also prepare for the presentation for the night’s camp fire. It was a hilarious sight as the class representative was clearly having a hard time getting the kids in order.

Praise You, Holy Spirit for the patience You gave the teachers and leaders and may You continue to guide them mightily.  

After that initial activity, lunch was served. Then we headed to our second activity for the day, traversing the different rope bridges. It was nice to see dads watching over not only for their own kids but also of the other’s in the team. It was fun to see effort exerted by stout and adorable kids to finish the course.

It was then followed by a balancing wire act that had a delightful twist which was that the fathers and sons would have to go pass each other to reach the other end.

The whole afternoon was filled with different activities to foster camaraderie, to challenge the imagination, and to exercise our leadership abilities to fulfill a goal.

After dinner, Nicholas remembered to fill up his water container with hot water which he said would be used to make hot chocolate later that night.

Then the camp fire activities followed and we saw that there were groups who poured in much effort to put up a good show and who truly deserved to win recognition.

Thank You Father that You have blessed the night with shining stars and a bright full moon with cool breeze that all have enjoyed the camp fire.

After that, we were able to take a good bath despite the lack of the usual hot water that the kids were accustomed to —a welcome experience too.

Thank You Lord that because of the big tent, Nicholas was joined by his friends over a cup of hot chocolate drink paired with crackers and chips.

It was truly a heart-warming scene to see those young kids gathered around chatting and joking.

I thought, Lord, that this was truly a precious Kodak moment. Thank You. You blessed the night with cool weather so I’m sure some kids did not miss their air conditioned rooms at home.

The dew came and gave the new morning a unique beginning. Surprisingly, despite the late hour the kids went to sleep the night before, it was quite easy to wake Nicholas up the next day. Some kids were already up and about while you could also hear dads still snoring from other tents…

Thank You, Jesus for the sumptuous breakfast of tocino, fried egg, sausage, and rice to fill up everyone to be ready for the day ahead.

After the morning exercise, the activities continued for the whole morning and ours was capped by the T-Shirt printing activity. Nicholas enjoyed spreading the paint during the silk screen activity.

Thank You Lord that Nicholas and I were able pack up the tent well with the help Nathan, the dad of Borgy, Nicholas’ best friend.

We were also able to have more free time together after lunch. We were able to enjoy the hammock and gazing at the giant spider above. We were also able to see the nice watering hole as part of the camp’s mazes attraction.

Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding the bus drivers and making everyone go back to school area safely.

We arrived home safely and a bit tired, but were glad for the time invested with the kids. It was also great to note that when his mother inquired about the camp and the activities, Nicholas was all too eager to tell of his experiences. And what touches me more was that when he mentioned to his mom that it seemed only a while ago when she dropped him off at school for the send off and now he was back home. That truly shows that time flies when you’re enjoying.

Praise You, Father God, for the time and for the presence of all the other fathers and sons. May You continue to endow the school with such activities and that all attendees may be blessed by them.
Praise You, Lord Jesus, and please bless the teachers who arranged and planned for the whole affair because they’ve sacrificed their own family time to be with our families.
And Praise You, Holy Spirit, for the wisdom You showered onto the leaders not only of the school but also of the camping ground and may the time we invested with our kids and friends continue to bear much fruit to honor You. 

These I pray In Your mighty name Lord Jesus! Amen, Amen and Amen.

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