Stallion Spikers Set Record in FCAAF Volleyball

By Anthony Chiang H3B
Photo credits Ms. Tonirose Lee

For three years in a row, Xavier School has been crowned the champions in the Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF). By managing to pull of a three-peat last year, they were able to make history as the first team in Xavier to do so. This year, they broke that record once more, and brought home yet another gold medal.

This year was the 25th anniversary of the FCAAF tournament, and with that, it proved to be an even more meaningful victory for the Staliion Spikers. Throughout the tournament, Xavier went on to be undefeated, in an 8-0 run throughout the championship match. It definitely brought pride and glory to the school, as the team managed to win it all in Xavier’s home court.

As compared to the previous leagues, this one was slightly more meaningful for the team, as the games were always held in Xavier School. While the league may not have the same amount of publicity as Tiong Lian and such, it definitely had the same level of competitiveness. The different Chinese schools around Metro Manila gathered together in order to compete for the title of champion. In the end, it was Xavier who was able to bring out their competitive drive, and head straight towards the top.

The championship match was won in three straight sets, with Xavier rising above St. Jude Catholic School. Immediately, the team broke the silence with cheer and joy, as they were able to successfully defend their home court.

Next year, the team hopes to rewrite history once more by becoming the first team to win 5 championship titles in a row. Through the sport of Volleyball, these young individuals were able to learn to work together as a team, and as a family.

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