XS GS Volleyball Team Bags Silver in PAYA

By Paolo Garcia (Gr.8A) with the help of Vinz Lim (Gr.8J)

In what was a very hopeful tournament PAYA season, we just needed one final push to bring the championship home for Xavier. We had made it all the way to somewhat a Cloud 9 moment when we had an undefeated record of 8-0 only to be shut down by Claret.

The season was not easy as we thought for there were some injuries that really affected our team, but by not giving up, we still made it to the top 4 (semi-finals). The week after was going to be our last game for the school year. We qualified for the finals because CSA had lost a crucial game to us the same day that we battled Claret head to head. So Xavier and Claret would meet again for another game in the finals.

During the weekdays, we took extra effort to practice and train for the finals. That week was really tough and tiring for us as there were no time for mistakes or errors. We had to be ready by Saturday which was the same day of our Chinese QT, so we had to study ahead for the Chinese QT.

That Saturday was very nerve-wrecking as we had to deal with the Chinese QT and our championship game. At the CSA Volleyball Court, both teams were nervous as anything could happen happen in the finals. It was a fast paced game as the score went back and forth in favor of each team. The crowd kept on cheering and clapping for their favored teams.

It was a very heartbreaking and disappointing loss, but we still will not give up in the upcoming tournaments. It was a learning experience as we made it to the finals. This will be a wake up call to motivate us for the next tournaments to come. We’re making more and more progress and to also work extra hard and to learn from our mistakes. We will come back even more determined and show the pride and glory of Xavier School.

Luceat Lux!


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