XS San Juan: Central Administration Appointments for SY 2014-2015

Pres. Ofc letterhead

Date           :        21 March 2014

To               :        The Xavier School Community

From           :        The School President

Subject       :        Central Administration Appointments for SY 2014-2015


I am pleased to announce the following line-up of administrators for the Central Administration (CA) effective 01 April 2014 until 31 March 2015.


Name                                                           Position

Office of the School President

Ms. Josefina E. Magpily                     Administrative Assistant to the President

Ms. Cindy H. Lau                               Administrative Assistant to the President


Campus Operations Group

Ms. Hope D. Ocampo                       Campus Operations Director & Head, Central Purchasing Office

Mr. Holden A. Angeles                      Physical Plant Office Coordinator

Mr. John Edwin L. Sy, DMD               School Liaison for Health Services

Mr. Gerardo M. Castañeda               Security Coordinator

Mrs. Josefina E. Magpily                    Canteen and Printing Office Coordinator

Finance Office

Mr. Dobbin A. Tan                             Treasurer/ Head of the Dev’t. Alumni Relations Office

Mrs. Allyn Chua Go Tian*                  Administrative Assistant to the DARO Head

Ms. Gumercinda F. de Guzman        Finance Officer

Personnel and Data Management Group

Mr. Michael P. delos Reyes              Personnel Officer

Mr. Mario C. dela Rosa*                  Assistant Personnel Officer

Ms. Margarita M. Castañeda            Assistant to the Personnel Officer (for ERDA Tech & XSN)

Mrs. Josefina Galvez*                        Registrar/Archives

Ms. Marie Rachel G. Sangalang*     Testing & Research Center Coordinator

Integrated Campus Ministry & Service Office

Fr. Xavier L. Olin, SJ                            Campus Minister

Ms. Ma. Cecilia T. Virtucio*                  Coordinator

Integrated Chinese Department

Ms. Yolly Y. Reyes                               Department Chairperson

Ms. Jingyan Huang                              Assistant for Academics

Ms. Jennifer N. Say                              Assistant for Administration

Athletics Office

Mr. Patrick Joseph L. Posadas             Athletics Director

Mr. Jasper Jake C. Laguitao                  Assistant for Athletics

Information Technology Service

Mr. John L. Ang, Jr.                               Information Technology Services (ITS) Coordinator

Mr. Vicente V. Lambus, Jr.                   Assistant to the ITS Coordinator

NExT Team

Mr. Galvin Radley L. Ngo                 NExT Coordinator

Mr. Melvin J. Gallardo                       Assistant to the NExT Coordinator for IT Support

Ms. Ma. Teresa A. Torralba              Assistant to the NExT Coordinator for Computer Ed.

Various CA Offices

Ms. Jeraldine K. Ching                      IGNITE Coordinator

Ms. Melissa G. Yu                               Xavier Nuvali Project Coordinator

*First year of term

I would like to thank the new appointees for accepting their new responsibilities. I would also like to thank all outgoing Central Administration administrators Mr. Edison U. Sian, Mrs. Emma A. Almiranez, Mrs. Ditas R. Dairo, and Ms. Ermelina C. Impelido.

Please extend your usual support and cooperation to the CA administrators of the incoming School Year 2014-2015.

Thank you.


(sgd. )


School President


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