XS San Juan: Varsity Basketball Coaches for SY 2014-2015


Date            : March 25, 2014

To               : The Xavier Community

From           : Athletics Coordinator

Subject        : Varsity Basketball Coaches for SY 2014-2015


I am pleased to announce the line-up of varsity coaches for basketball for SY 2014-2015 effective April 1, 2014:

John L. Edwin Sy, DMD                 Basketball Program Head/ Midgets and SBP Head Coach

Gian Carlo L. Tan                           Juniors Head Coach/ Acting Aspirants Coach

Mark Angelo C. Canlas                  Assistant Juniors Coach

Daniel M. Donato                          Assistant Aspirants Coach

Alexander Nicolai P. Ocampo       Midgets Assistant Coach/ Mini Head Coach

Joselito M. Imutan                         Mini Assistant Coach/D- League Head Coach

Glenn F. Gacutan                          D-League Assistant Coach


Thank you very much.



Patrick L. Posadas

Athletics Coordinator


Noted by:


Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ

School President


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