Reading Will Never Go Out of Style in Xavier School

By Ms. Andrea Chaveli Ventosa, HS Prefect of Discipline

The Xavier School faculty, staff, and administrators have started summer work to prepare for the school year ahead.  Part of preparing for the school year is making sure that we encourage and promote love for reading not only among the faculty and staff but more importantly to our students.

Promoting love for reading has become more and more challenging each year especially with the birth of more exciting and engaging gadgets. It is for this very reason that HS Administrators took a day off from their busy schedules to visit Fully Booked in The Fort and Powerbooks in Greenbelt 4 to select not only reference books, but leisure books that students can enjoy during their free time once the school year begins.

This book selection activity headed by the Learning Resource Center is done twice a year by the administrators with the hopes of bringing back the students’ love for reading.

Books selected came from different subjects from Grade 7 to High 4 plus a variety of other genres such as Fiction, Health, Self- Help and Lifestyle.  This way, students from Xavier are guaranteed an up-to-date Learning Resource Center throughout the school year.

We encourage both students and teachers to visit the LRC as soon as the school year begins to get hold of all the latest books.


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