XS San Juan: G9-12 One2One Preparations for Parents (Schoolyear 2014-2015)

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9 June 2014

Dear G9-12 Parents,


In line with your son’s participation in this school year’s One2One program, please find time to go through the following list to guide you and your son/s in your preparations:

1. One2One learning device

The One2One learning device identified for this school year is the iPad. The recommended model is the iPad Air 32gb wifi because of its sufficient storage. However, you may opt to use any existing iPad 2, 3, 4, mini or Air wifi models as well. 3G and 4G models are discouraged, because the 3G/4G functionality will not be allowed in campus. Should you have an existing 3G/4G iPad model, please send a letter of request through email to Galvin Ngo of the NExT Office, through the email address galvinlngo@xs.edu.ph.

iPads should always be brought to school fully charged. In case of emergency, there will be charging areas available(HS Mac Lab, NExT Office, HS LRC) during break times. Charging in the classroom will not be allowed. Students are asked not to bring their iPads during the first 3 days of school.

Devices may be obtained through the following means:

A. Previously owned/ Purchase on your own

B. Purchase through one of the school’s suppliers, Senco Link (please email jabbarbaroga@sencolink.com)

C. Rent from the school for an annual fee of P8,000

(Please pay to the cashier, and present your receipt at the NExT office, where your unit will be released. The model to be rented out is an iPad Air 16gb)

D. GIA students may write a letter of request to the School President.

2. Apps

The following Apps will be used by various subject areas. Please find time to install them in your respective iPads (some Apps cost a minimal fee to purchase).






Puffin Web Browser (Paid version)



Google Drive


Geometer’s sketchpad

Desmos – graphing calculator

Geogebra dynamic mathematics software

Laudate Catholic App

Breviary Pro Terra Sancta

PDF Reader



Bluefire reader

CINCH Learning by McGraw Hill

KTdict C-E (Chinese English Dictionary)

Edhita : Open source text editor

Managebac (for IB)

Turnitin (for IB)

3. Apple ID

You may obtain these Apps through your Apple ID. You may register for an Apple ID by following this link: https://appleid.apple.com. Purchases may be done through linking a credit card to your Apple ID, or through purchasing Apple Gift Cards. We recommend for you and your son to register two separate Apple IDs, with only yours linked to a credit card. This can help you manage purchases as necessary.

Throughout the school year, teachers may ask your sons to download free Apps for various activities. He can do this without a credit card. If additional Apps need to be bought, we will send you a letter of notification to properly inform you of these requests.

4. Added protection

Please provide a case to protect your iPad. In choosing a case, please strongly consider usage for safety and convenience. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a case which can also serve as a stand, for situations where you would like to type on the iPad while it is slightly elevated, or view/read media when it is more convenient upright.
  2. Choose a case which is not slippery, to prevent it from accidentally slipping off your grip.
  3. Make sure that there is a sticker label on the iPad itself. This is for added security – a Xavier sticker label will be distributed to the Grade 9 students.
  4. Bring a small sling bag where you can place the iPad and bring it with you around campus.

5. Policies

Please help us remind your sons of some policies that govern his use of iPads under the One2One program. Violators will be sanctioned accordingly.

  1. Gadget Use Zones Only – iPads may only be used in the following gadget use zones: HS LRC, HS Mac Lab, HS Canteen. Using of gadgets in other school premises is prohibited.
  2. No Games on the iPad – Games may not be installed.
  3. Do not leave iPads unattended/Keep to your own iPad.
  4. Use of social networking – prohibited during class hours unless authorized by the teacher.
  5. Use of cameras – Use of cameras during class time is prohibited unless allowed by the teacher.

6. Insurance

An annual insurance fee was charged during enrollment. This partially covers expenses that you may incur due to accidents or loss. A primer with the policies coverage and claim procedures will be distributed.

Thank you for your cooperation, we hope that we can continue to collaborate with you in ensuring the success of this school year’s One2One program. Luceat lux!



Galvin Ngo

Coordinator, Operation NExT


Noted by:

Ms. Aimee Apolinario

HS Principal


Fr. Aristotle Dy, S. J.

School President


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